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Chile to re-write Pinochet-era constitution in win for protesters

Chile to re-write Pinochet-era constitution in win for protesters

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  1. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-chile-protests-idUSKBN1XL1I1) reduced by 70%. (I’m a bot)
    > SANTIAGO – The Chilean government has agreed to write a new constitution to replace one dating back to the Pinochet dictatorship, bowing to the demands of protesters who have taken to the streets in often violent demonstrations in recent weeks.

    > "Above all, we must focus on the goal of reconfiguring the social contract, which has arisen as a fundamental demand of our citizens," Blumel told a news conference on Sunday night.

    > Those calling for change say any new text must add further protection of social rights and increase citizen participation in the 30-year old democracy.

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  2. the one bright light in recent news

  3. 2019, the year the masses rediscovered direct action

    2020s are exciting to look ahead to

  4. Chilean people do not want amendments to Pinochet’s constitution they want to get rid off it and create a new one more democratic, inclusive and representative of all Chilean society.

  5. Chilean here. It’s just not true.

    The president is actually planning a rewrite of the constitution using the same politicians the people are fighthing against (Congreso constituyente or “Congress constitution”) That’s very different from what the people are demanding.

    The difference is. The Congress constitution will perpetuate the groups of power we already know.

  6. Im chilean and this is first grade bullshit as it reuter’s bullshit; people want an assembly (asamblea constituyente) and not the congress to lead the creation of the new constitution, so the protests are continuing.

  7. No one in Chile wants this. We want a way for the people to actually write a new constitution. We don’t want the congress, a bunch of sellouts and conservatives to write it for us.
    The government is just trying to appease the protests with this bullshit.

  8. Here’s hoping they don’t fuck it up.

  9. “Pinochet was bad? I think the helicopter rides are lulz” – conservatives on reddit

  10. From what I heard, it was being written directly by the Chilean legislature (the same one whose politicians the protesters are protesting) rather than by a constituent assembly as the protesters have been demanding. This is a partial win at best, one that is in the hands of the government and could end up making things even worse

  11. I’m chilean and I’m surprised to see this here, I can’t read the article right now, but it seems to me that nothing is assured yet, I will celebrate only when it’s something sure. Also I hope the new one is not terrible too.

  12. The thing is, the new constitution will probably be 95% the same, and all the real problems are in laws not related to it.

  13. Well the government proposed to write a new constitution by themselves, it’s not really what the people want…

  14. I actually tried reading the chilean constitution…. I can’t find anything wrong with it. But my spanish isn’t the best.

    Anyone here knows what _exactly_ the protesters don’t like?

    Only the fact that it was originally written under Pinochet (but heavily modified since)?



  15. This is incredibly vague. Reading the article gives me zero idea what the problem with the Constitution was and how they hope to fix it.

  16. Wasn’t Chile the most prosperous latin american country?

    Are they looking to be more like VZ or Ecuador, or what is it they are after?

  17. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a win until the ink is dry and some bad actors didn’t use the opportunity to seize power.

  18. This is probably the most significant win humanity this year.

    No joke, after seeing so many protests yield nothing it’s so surprising to see that this can still work.

  19. Part of the process of rewriting their constitution should be making it harder for each new administration to rewrite the constitution whenever they want. At the very least require a new election. They could even call for a national convention where each Chilean province votes on different measures.

    Yes, this change is a win for protesters. But if there’s no strong mechanism for preventing their constitution from being too easily meddled with (constituent assemblies and public referendums are easily exploited), or no strong mechanism for making sure the constitution is being followed, that’s a recipe for instability and is practically asking for some new strongman to take over at some point in the future. Just look at Venezuela. In the 208 years since Venezuela gained independence, they’ve had 26 different constitutions. That’s insane. But Chile can be different.

  20. Heartwarming news, at a time when the leading Democracies are facing a tough test, Chile is leading the way in our fight against corruption and dictatorship. This is a great victory for Chileans and hope the new Constitution is not a copy of the existing ones, but one which will set higher standards to include solutions to current problems at the same time flexible enough to incorporate future amendments.

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