Home / news / China allocates 3% to WHO fundraising for Coronaviruses: China donated less than 3% to the World Health Organization’s $ 675 million fundraising campaign – angering U.S. officials who say the country is responsible for it epidemic and should do more.

China allocates 3% to WHO fundraising for Coronaviruses: China donated less than 3% to the World Health Organization’s $ 675 million fundraising campaign – angering U.S. officials who say the country is responsible for it epidemic and should do more.

China allocates 3% to WHO fundraising for Coronaviruses: China donated less than 3% to the World Health Organization’s $ 675 million fundraising campaign – angering U.S. officials who say the country is responsible for it epidemic and should do more.

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  1. The Chinese communist party really sucks, Chinese people don’t need the CCP but the CCP is making it incredibly difficult for their citizens to have any voice in politics

  2. WTF is this shady ass news source. A gmail for the contact info like are they even trying…

  3. This is fake news. Just look at the website. A “news page” with some random gmail adress as contact.

    The list of donations is public. There are several WHO funds that go towards fighting the coronavirus. Donations from China are making up a much higher than it’s suggested here. Also interesting is a comparison of donations by American companies and by Chinese companies. Alibaba over 100 million UDS, Starbucks 500k, Apple 1 million, …

  4. “The Chinese government’s contribution to the WHO fundraising drive lags behind Kuwait, which contributed $40 million, Japan, which gave $47.5 million…”
    “The US, the world’s wealthiest nation, has given less than China — just $14.7 million”

  5. > WHO donations are listed, and China currently ranks fourth, donating only $ 20 million to the international effort against COVID-19, which began in Wuhan at the end of the last year.

    > “China, which started the pandemic, has paid $ 20 million,” a senior Trump administration official told The Post. China’s cheapness was “shocking and a shame,” he said.

    > “They should pay at least half of the $ 675 million, if not the full amount,” said the senior official, who requested anonymity to share the sharp reprimand.

    Lol not sure who’s being more ridiculous.

  6. >The United States, the richest nation in the world, gave less than China – only $ 14.7 million. But U.S. officials point out $ 100 million in additional international funding for coronavirus relief announced in February by the State Department, and note that the United States’ annual contribution to WHO – $ 58 billion – is more than double $ 28.7 billion dollars in China.

    So Chinese donations to Europe don’t count but that 100 million from the US does.

  7. When there is no solution, fingers start pointing.

  8. So the gist of it is the US complaining China isn’t paying it’s share despite China giving almost triple the US donation and somehow everybody failing to take into consideration that China is working *outside* of the WHO by sending millions of supplies and a whole bunch of doctors to various countries around the world.

    While ignoring that the US has an outstanding balance of $99 billion to the WHO(vs China’s $28 billion), since the contribution amount is what’s set but the countries still actually have to, ya know, make payments and those who haven’t paid in full have outstanding balances and downplaying the US giving substantially less.

    This is a silly hit piece and it’s telling when I search this news and find it being pushed by a bunch of tabloids.

    >angering U.S. officials who say the country is responsible for it epidemic and should do more.

    Here’s a NYT article highlighting what China is doing to help: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/18/world/asia/coronavirus-china-aid.html

    >On Wednesday, China said it would provide two million surgical masks, 200,000 advanced masks and 50,000 testing kits to Europe. “We’re grateful for China’s support,” Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, said in tweet. “We need each other’s support in times of need.”

    >One of China’s leading entrepreneurs, Jack Ma, offered to donate 500,000 tests and one million masks to the United States, where hospitals are facing shortages despite having weeks of notice to prepare. In February, the United States flew in 17 tons of supplies to Wuhan aboard four flights that evacuated Americans from the city.

    >“This is no longer a challenge that a country can solve on its own, but it requires all of us to work together,” Mr. Ma’s foundation said in a statement that listed donations to dozens of countries, including all 54 nations in Africa.

    People need to seriously stop flopping back and forth on this news. One minute we’ve got articles about China sending a fuckton of aid then the next day it’s “China isn’t doing enough!”. I’m getting whiplash ffs.

  9. China doesn’t give money to WHO, yet somehow for some reason the WHO feels compelled to suck China’s dick and help them hide the pandemic.

    edit: i cannot believe i need to include a /s

  10. US officials = Trump appointees.

    Why would China feel obligated to help the rest of the world when you have assholes like US Secretary of State Pompeo derailing a united statement from G-7 because he insisted that the language refer to the disease as “Wuhan virus” instead of its scientific name, COVID-19, solely to politicize it and to shame/blame China for being the country of origin to excuse his own administration’s shortcomings in responding to the outbreak?

    Yeah, China’s far from being saintly but when you have the Trump administration telling states to NOT release their new unemployment claim filings in order to not upset Trump/stock markets, refusing to vaccinate ICE detainees from the seasonal flu, all while trying to overturn ACA during an outbreak, and literally suggesting that a disproportionate mortality rate among our elderly population is acceptable in return for asking Americans to go back to work and boosting our markets, are we acting any better?

  11. China gave 20 million, the US gave 14 million. Lol.

  12. Listen let’s stop this bullshit. We are just finger-pointing right now because America wants a good reason to send people to work. And China wants a good reason to say “It’s not our fault”. But let’s be honest, will either country stop trading or depending on the other for economics?

    If the answer is no, then guess what, we are arguing over nothing. Because at the end of the day our governments care more about the economy of finance than the economy of nature and life. The USA is doing absolutely nothing to stop the influence of China in the world because we are beholding to our rich. The same rich that watched us get infected and don’t give a shit. This is all just P.R. bullshit.

    China and America is basically arguing whether it is rabbit hunting season or duck hunting seasons while Corona kills us all. I am with my country if it wants to punish China through trade embargoes and tariffs. I am not with them if they just want to have feelings about who looks more or less negative to the plebs. Save that bread and circus for Fox news.

  13. Is responsible and should do more… I hope U.S. officials are saying the same thing when it comes to climate change.

  14. If the WHO is shit, then people should be happy it is receiving insufficient funds

  15. well they fucking are

    i’m getting annoyed with these people getting mad at calling it the wuhan or chinese virus

    it’s their fucking fault so lets blame them to the full extent of the law

    fuck them

  16. I believe US officials should just stfu and start to take care seriously of the health of their people instead, because it’s blatantly clear to the entire world they are just pushing the anti-Chinese rethoric to appeal the conservative zealots in their country in preparation for the november elections.

  17. “I don’t take any responsibility at all”

    – Donald Trump , or the CCP?

  18. ‘We’re going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it’ – America

    ‘We’re going to make a global pandemic and make teh world pay for it’ – China(probably)

  19. CCP is awful and evil.

    Remember the list of crap:

    Hongkong, Taiwan, building islands to claim territory that isnt theirs

    Uigyers, concentration camps, organ harvesting, genocide

    kicking out journalists, disappearing journalists, reeducation for anyone who speaks out against them

  20. You can rely on the Trump administration to blame others and dodge responsibility.

  21. How much did the US give? LOL

  22. Giving to central organizations is not China’s MO. They will give generously to certain regions or Nations directly to collect points.

    USA blames China because it’s exposing the incompetence of their government and they are desperate to divert attention away from that.

  23. A US diplomat throwing a hissy fit and saying stupid shit?

  24. because donating supplies is more useful right now and china is doing that and i’m gonna get downvoted to hell

  25. After we get a handle on this it’s time for the world to have a class action lawsuit against China.

  26. Maybe it’s time to just shun this fucking country ya think? NOTHING good comes from this shithole.

  27. Fuck the CCP and fuck the Trump Administration for handling everything like children

  28. That’s rich coming from the US

  29. US officials have their own issues to tend to. Such as President Trump trying to shift blame from his own incompetent preparation and response to China.

  30. Didnt the US say the virus is just a hoax? Cant those intelligent and sane people in the US government decide? Oh i forgot …..

  31. I mean, granted, but are US officials really in the position to demand more from others right now?

  32. Why to give to WHO any more money if they are useless AF? Hire new staff then OK, atm they are just money suckers. damn parasites

  33. Let’s be honest China and America are both evil.

  34. The U.S. could have stopped it from entering the U.S. but you know “mEh EcOnEmEh aNd iTz a DeM HoAx!”

  35. You break it, you buy it! Pay up China!

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