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China and Russia open their arms to the American extreme right

Foreign Policy magazine said that American far-right groups that have been tightened significantly on social media, especially after the Capitol riots, are now turning to Internet service providers in authoritarian countries – such as China and Russia – do not hide their frustration with playing this The role.

The magazine stated – in a report by Fergis Ryan, a researcher at the International Center for Electronic Policy in Australia – that both Russia and China, which have a high capacity to censor any “unacceptable” content, especially Beijing, which has the most comprehensive and sophisticated censorship apparatus in the world, have become so It appears to be a safe haven for extremist western content, reflecting a worrisome alliance that is increasingly expanding between far-right groups and totalitarian regimes.

She indicated that the American far-right platforms and sites on the Internet – such as the “Daily Stormer” news site that promotes the speeches of the highness of the white race and the neo-Nazis – seek to stop relying on the services provided by major companies to host and protect websites, which makes it difficult to monitor and block them. By the authorities.

A search of the “Whois” website, which specializes in domain domains, reveals that the domain name used by the “Daily Stormer” site was registered by a company based in Guangdong Province, China, founded in 2000, which is registered and approved by each Internet company. For names and assigned numbers registered in California, the China Internet Network Information Center is the largest agency for managing Internet services in China.

Andrew Englin, founder of the “Daily Stormer” website, confirms that searching for an alternative to host his site was “easy” for him, noting that “he has always been relatively supportive of the People’s Republic of China or at least not against it.” But he stressed that any right-wing websites continue to Beijing’s criticism “will be met with much less friendliness than he did.”

A review of the site’s archive shows that this is indeed true, as Anglin writes a lot about his support for Beijing’s policies against Uighur Muslims, and confirms that China enjoys more freedom of expression than the United States, and even defended the option of “Chinese occupation of the West” as an alternative to supposed “Jewish rule.” He also called on the far-right to use the Chinese messaging app “WeChat” as a “safer” alternative to other instant messaging applications.

Russian option

Russian Internet service companies offer – according to the magazine – another option for US extremist sites. After using a domain name hosted in China, the “DailyStormer” site turned to an alternative domain ending in the letters “SU” (.su), which is the highest level domain for what is known in Former Soviet Union.

Until recently, the Russian-owned company, DDoS-Guard, provided protection against denial-of-service attacks for the Washington-based host company, VanwaTech, which in turn provided hosting services for the Daily website. Stormer and the 8kun Forum, which is related to white supremacist groups, neo-Nazis, anti-Semitism, multiple mass shootings and child exploitation.

The magazine concludes that the “legal seizure” of these extremist sites and platforms is coming, fortunately, with the current administration of President Joe Biden. But even if controls are in place to contain right-wing rhetoric and ideology, it is likely that these extremist websites will continue to search for safe havens like Russia and China, where they can easily get rid of diplomatic, political and legal pressures.

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