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China bans its students from studying in Taiwan for the rest of 2020

China bans its students from studying in Taiwan for the rest of 2020

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  1. Wait… so China is banning Chinese students from studying in…. China? /S

  2. So there’ll be less Chinese government propaganda on Taiwanese University campuses then.

  3. China, ladies and gentlemen. Pulling every bitch move imaginable.

  4. Hey guys! Looking for a travel destination without overwhelming amount of Chinese tourists? Now is the time to visit Taiwan! (Well, not RIGHT now but when the pandemic is over) China has banned most of their citizens from visiting Taiwan and students now too! We got the authentic Chinese culture, delicious yet cheap/affordable food, beautiful places and friendly people! Need proofs? Search up #thisattackcomesfromtaiwan on Twitter! Book your flight now!

    Just for some laughs but I think most Taiwanese are unaffected by most of China’s actions.

  5. Insecure much? I assume they dont want chinese to seek how good Taiwan has it.

  6. That’s good news for Taiwan

  7. Can they also start banning Chinese students from studying anywhere else in the world?

  8. Do that to HK. Please!!!!! HKers are just as rebellious!!!!!

  9. >China bans its students from studying in China for the rest of 2020

    *title corrected to comply with One China policy*

  10. Students from.. wuhan?

  11. Don’t think Taiwan is crying over this.

  12. Maybe I am thinking too much. Currently with the US warships being immobilized due to the virus, it increases the possibility for China to attack Taiwan. Maybe pulling back Chinese student means that they are preparing for a war. CCP can later use this later in the war to show their citizens “how much they cared about them”.

  13. I see this as an absolute win!

  14. I am very surprised they allowed students to attend school in Taiwan. They don’t exactly have a good relationship.

  15. Invasion is coming this summer. It will provide a distraction from the virus. Next will be a travel ban to Taiwan. Finally an incident in the Taiwan strait.

  16. the world bans china the rest of its existance

  17. Wish we could send a lot of spoiled cheating Chinese students back to China.

  18. they are most certainly to address their defector personalities | highlighted by `hush`prince^(falcon)`GLUELOCK`

  19. The News : Taiwan officially banned new students from mainland to enroll, but Those who have already studied in Taiwan and want to continue studying there can choose to do so.to prevent the outbreak.

    Redditor : OmG cHinA is sO pETTy. ! OMG looK at chInA bANNeD thEiR STuDeNts fRom EntEring TaIwan WhAt a BiTcH mOvE

  20. I need an apologist to tell me why this isn’t bad

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