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China declares dogs are companions and should not be eaten, signalling possible end to brutal meat trade

China declares dogs are companions and should not be eaten, signalling possible end to brutal meat trade

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  2. >…signalling possible end to brutal meat trade…

    …or the beginning of a burgeoning black market in dog meat.

  3. I don’t mean to be a dick but why should dogs be looked at as companions more than any other domesticated animal that we happily eat? Pigs are way smarter than dogs but we happily eat them.

  4. Reminder that pigs are smarter than dogs

  5. All meat trade is brutal.

  6. Pigs are intelligent compassionate companions.

  7. Now India Should demand ban on Cow Meat around the world.

  8. They shouldn’t stop eating dogs for cultural reasons. This is just bowing down to Western cultural hegemony.

    Rather, they should only stop torturing dogs before eating them, and stop eating any endangered animal.

    As long as they don’t torture animals before slaughter, and refrain from eating endangered species. It’s not my problem.

  9. That’s nice an all, but what about BATS that started this?

  10. haha ‘brutal meat trade’…ever seen what a industrial slaughterhouse looks like?

  11. Interesting to see so many responses moaning about how it’s wrong to be against the slaughter of dogs because we slaughter pigs.

    That’s some weird logic right there.

    Because everything you want isn’t possible a step in that direction isn’t to be welcomed?

  12. Yeah..this is going to make them stop./s

  13. All meat trade is brutal. If they want to eat dog, kill it quickly and have a regulated food safety standards.

    Besides, the world knows your just trying to scrub up your image CCP.

  14. For y’all meat eating hypocrites saying eating dogs is wrong because it’s cruel:

    [Where dairy comes from](https://youtu.be/kxJ3d_hnXXM)

    [Where beef comes from](https://youtu.be/KezHKbUzy0A)

    [Where bacon comes from](https://youtu.be/xPY2-gJoeSQ)

    [Where eggs come from](https://youtu.be/Cz-hPqUh444)

    [Where chicken come from](https://youtu.be/SZEsElYyO0Y)

    I am not a vegan, but I acknowledge the cruel reality behind my chosen diet, thus I choose not to judge others for theirs. If you can’t even come to terms with the cruel nature of your own diet, who are you to shit on other people’s culture?

    To y’all vegans and vegetarians I admire you for your choice, I’m just not there yet. And I’ve come to terms with the fact that for me to have a nice meal some poor animal has to die. I am sorry.

  15. You guys are all horrible people for eating cows, they’re considered to be sacred in India. Pigs are far more intelligent than dogs, and possible better at reading our emotions. Cows read human emotions very well…etc etc etc. Sure we all agree that animal welfare is paramount, which means banning industrial farming, which is just as, if not more brutal, than the disgusting Yulin dog festival (which I might add has alot of protests every year…go onto weibo and use google translate if you’re interested). I don’t care what we eat as I don’t assign arbitrary values to animals, they’re all the same to me. I do despise any animal cruelty, and am happy for meat prices to increase by a factor of 10-15 so we stop modern farming practises… we don’t need to eat meat everyday! I say this as a guy who eats barely any carbs and meat – after working in the food industry, I just can’t ignore the cruelty anymore!

  16. Dog meat trade: “brutal”

    Cow/pig/chicken meat trade: “humane”

  17. Why dogs? Why shouldn’t people eat dogs when other types of meat are eaten? Why not declare bats and pangolins companions? This whole thing is hypocrisy, just rubbish.

  18. “Brutal meat market” what is that supposed to mean? Any sort of market killing animals for food is brutal.

  19. As opposed to Switzerland, where dogs are still eaten

  20. My girlfriend once asked me for a brutal meat trade.

  21. Do not believe China. Theyve said things like this in the past but never enforce it

  22. Yeah, I highly doubt they are ending the dog meat market. There’s a reason why China and their citizens try really hard to convince the West that eating dog meat is a rare occurrence and doesn’t happen in the tier 1/2 cities, while there are countless dog meat restaurants scattered throughout a lot of major Chinese cities. It’s still a big part of Chinese culture. They would rather hide it than actually stop it.

  23. I wish I could be who I was before I saw this picture

  24. Yak tails, bear bile, rhino horn, whale fin, shark fin…etc. good luck with stopping them on any of it. They don’t care and still believe in snake oil BS from 1000 years ago.

  25. “End to brutal meat trade”
    yeah, except literally all the other animals that get murdered besides dogs

  26. Chinese are Over a 10000 years behind the rest of us. Doggos are soulmates.

  27. Okay, but that’s what they said after SARS… I don’t think they have the self control to not eat weird meats. What about reparations for the global pandemic they caused?

  28. I wouldn’t eat dog. I love dogs, and have two of them. I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

    However, I don’t think there’s anything objectively wrong with eating dogs. Especially if we are willing to eat a lot of other animals. My main concern is the humane treatment of these animals. A reasonable life, and a dignified and painless death. That’s all I ask for.

  29. They are NOT for eating!

  30. Translation:

    “China tells the world what it thinks it wants to hear, to divert attention away from itself, but will promptly either go about business as usual, or allow a huge black market to flourish without contention as it fills the CCP coffers.”

  31. I will believe it when I see it. I lived there for 10 years, the government is really good at doing stuff for 10 days, hit their targets and then just stop lol

  32. Brutal meat trade? Come on. No more brutal than any other meat trade.

  33. Pigs next please, for the whole world, more intelligent than dogs, yet slaughtered daily across the planet.

  34. Or they could take the trouble to farm them organically, responsibly.

    There’s no reason ethical, sustainable dog meat farming couldn’t be a growing business in China and East Asia. The hygenic conditions in the wet markets is a much greater concern.

  35. I hope to God that this really is taken seriously by the government and they really back it up with severe punishments if broken.

    It would drastically raise my respect for their government if this is legitimate.

  36. A better solution is to destigmatize dog meat and open it up globally so we can treat the dog meat supply chain with the same health and care metrics as bovine and pork supplies. If someone wants dog meat there’s no reason to deny them.

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