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China Implements Temporary Wild Animal Trade Ban Due To Coronavirus, Activists Push To Make It Permanent

China Implements Temporary Wild Animal Trade Ban Due To Coronavirus, Activists Push To Make It Permanent

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  1. Where am I supposed to get my hedgehog meat now?

  2. The risk of pandemic is deeply rooted in our diet. Wild animals are clearly an issue, and factory animals are the perfect breeding ground for antibiotic resistance.

  3. I don’t see how any sane person could sit down after the corona virus has passed and go, ‘well, back to eating fried bats’.

  4. I WAS going to cure my Leprosaids and my erectile dysfunction with some ground tiger dick and mashed monkey brains

    Now what do I do?! Thanks China

  5. Please make it permanent! PLEASE!

  6. Temporary? They never learn.

  7. Coming from someone who has lived in China, it remains to be seen whether or not this will be enforced. Generally speaking, in China, banning things does less than zero to actually ban those things, unless we’re talking about anything which diminishes the government’s hold on power. It would be absolutely amazing if this practice were actually cracked down on by the authorities though.

  8. Sounds like I better stock up on baby wolf legs and bat wing soup.

  9. NO animals belong in cages in that kind of abuse!!!

  10. Another disgusting comment thread, not that I expected any better.

  11. We need Joe Rogan to enter chat and explain wild game is by far the healthiest meat, provided it isnt from sick or abused animals forced to live in their own squalor

  12. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.greenqueen.com.hk/china-wild-animal-trade-ban-temporary-coronavirus-activists-want-permanent/) reduced by 87%. (I’m a bot)
    > Mins Read. On Sunday, China ordered a temporary ban on the trade of wild animals in an attempt to contain the novel coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, which is believed to have originated in a market that sold wild animals as food.

    > In a joint directive issued by top Chinese government agencies, including the Ministry of Agriculture, China will be putting in place a temporary ban on raising, transporting and selling all wild animal species until the epidemic is over.

    > Environmental and animal activists agree, arguing that in addition to posing major public health risks, wildlife trade threatens endangered species with extinction and is rife with animal abuse.

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  13. Lol temporary. How about just own up to the fact your retarded markets are bio reactors that are a threat to huge parts of the worlds population.

  14. China, and a lot of the world, could stand to learn more about compassion. They’re gonna need it when climate change destroys their house of cards.

  15. good. the disgusting humans that participate in this shit need to be told to stop cause having a functioning brain to realize this is unnecessary isn’t working apparently. they buy all this exotic meat for literally no reason, for bullshit psuedoscience cures or just for the thrill of it when theres literally. no. reason. to. do. this.

  16. Yea yea like that’ll stop the black meat market

  17. “due to coronavirus”? That horse has bolted, my friend.

    But we can’t know what new pathogens are ready to become the next plague, just waiting for this unnecessary interspecies contact

  18. Considering how much poaching comes from China’s demand as a market… fuck yeah.

  19. Lol, the shortsightedness is unbelievable sometimes.

  20. Now you see what governements can do given the right circumstances. If China wants to ban these markets it could have done so with ease.

  21. i support the notion to make this permanent, but i think us westerners don’t understand that Asian relation to food is very personal, the meat you usually eat was literally slaughtered in the morning of..but for us, its slaughtered in some metal room inside a dirty concrete building but gets packaged to us and sold in a nice grocery store

  22. this is a repost first of all

    second laugh at ban. They could have stopped eating bats and other crazy stuff after SARS but they didn’t. Not even this WARS will make people change their dirty habits.

  23. That’s a tall order. Eating wild animals us very much a part of life in more rural areas of China and you can’t just order people to give up a part of who they are on the spot. It takes time and education to change culture. Overnight changes never stick, they just push things underground.

  24. Long overdue! Why this is still done I have no idea. It’s 2020, leave the GD animals alone.

  25. Honestly fuck China. Say whatever you want that “it’s not the people” but I couldn’t give a fuck anymore.
    Their government allows it and there’s obviously a market for it, so I have zero sympathy for them.

  26. Lol “temporary” if some retard would not eat a bat this situation never would happen in first place.

  27. Classic bandaid solution without addressing the root of the problem. I’m more concerned what the next thing will be now since they’re banning this.

  28. That’s right! Only sustainable and responsible tiger penis for me from now on!

  29. Wtf , why would someone eat these animals. I’m a vegetarian and dont preach to each his own anyone can eat meat. But these wild animals it just seems so much more wrong

  30. I am sending China the bill of all the hospital expenses worldwide. They better let no other virus shit escape again. Like ever!

  31. What kind of country bans your god given right to catch a fake in a field and then sell it to your neighbor for dinner? Communist assholes!

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