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China is donating 1,000 ventilators to help New York in corona

China is donating 1,000 ventilators to help New York in corona

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  1. It’s weird that they say China in the headline but it was the Alibaba founders that made the donation.

  2. Hey, I’m all for medical supplies and equipment reaching the hands of hospitals and healthcare workers who need them. I don’t even care if it comes from the most brutal and emotionless regime over the past 20 years…

    I’m speaking of course, about the New England Patriots

  3. What about Oregon’s 140 in addition?

  4. My question is, are they ventilators or CPAP/BiPAP machines?

  5. The actual donation is coming from Jack Ma and Joe Tsai of the Alibaba Group. The Chinese government is just facilitating it.

    I’m getting so sick of all the misleading news on Reddit.

  6. I find it funny how some Americans in the comments are criticizing China or saying they must be faulty without even knowing. Meanwhile, the U.S blockades medical relief to Cuba and hijacked a shipment of masks to Canada and Germany. China’s no gem but like ventilators are ventilators so at least give them credit when it’s due.

  7. Oregon donated a few too…

  8. They’re really showing global leadership in a moment of weakness from American leadership.

  9. They should just donate them to Germany. They’d end up in America anyway

  10. I hope they actually make it to NY and don’t get diverted to the Fed gvmt.

  11. I am thankful for these being sent to us. Now is the time for every nation to step up and work together to help defeat this pandemic on a global scale.

  12. I’m going to sit here and just watch and be disgusted when the federal government seizes these ventilators at the port.

  13. that is 1/4th of what the fed has provided my state. China, CHINA has given us 1/4th of what our own government has. ive lost all faith in our federal government and so have millions of fellow New Yorkers. it’s simply Amazing that we’re being put out to pasture

  14. The comments here will be interesting

  15. Trump sends 1,001 ventilators to Florida

  16. And let the conspiricy mongers begin.

  17. What kind of title is this? “To help New York in corona” solid way to end a sentence

  18. To help New York in corona? What the fuck…

  19. So much salt and sour, well with em you guys could make orange chicken..

  20. Meanwhile our president is telling states to “fend for themselves.”

    What a leader.

  21. There you go I fixed it, I fixed my faults, can our country fix its faults too??
    nope because we think we are superior to others, dumb ass..

  22. Can’t wait for them to be as good as the masks they gave to Pakistan…

  23. Bring a New Yorker this could really help us because of how bad it’s gotten. Hope everyone is staying safe and having fun indoors.

  24. Has everyone seen those disturbing videos showing totally random people randomly touching every public surface in sight in a completely random way? It’s all so very random, there couldn’t possibly be anything similar about them at all.

  25. I hate that people are donating to America after they stole medical equipment issued for other countries and i can already see that there are gonna be no consequences ever!

  26. Hey! Oregon’s helping, too!

  27. Might as well send all donated equipment directly to the US. It’d get rerouted from other countries by the US anyway.

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