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China prepares to close borders to foreigners, fearing 2nd wave of COVID-19

China prepares to close borders to foreigners, fearing 2nd wave of COVID-19

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  1. What kind of lunatic is travelling right now unless it’s to get home?

  2. I still don’t believe that they’re being forthcoming with their “official” figures.

  3. I thought this was already a thing. What manner of idiot is travelling to China right now? Or anywhere for that matter.

  4. 1918 Spanish Flu killed more people in its second wave than its first wave.

  5. China rushes about looking like they are trying to avoid a second wave they know is coming (or soon to be outed as already occurring) and setting the stage to blame outside forces so the CCP can play innocent victim

  6. Should have done this in December when this first started in China

  7. Borders are being closed to all, even those with visas and residence permits starting this Saturday. **CHINA IS NOT ON LOCKDOWN.** Just want to point out that this complicates things with many schools, businesses, and life in general going back to normal, foreigners who work in China and are outside at the moment taking care of themselves or their families back home are in a pretty tough situation.

  8. Yet when the United States wanted to shut down flights from China it was considered racist…

  9. I didn’t realize they finished their first wave

  10. If you’re not on a plane headed to China right now, it’s going to be impossible to get there before Friday midnight.

    I wonder when they might reopen the border…

  11. Let’s arrest people that talk about this virus

    Let’s supress all talk and flow of information of the virus

    OK… Let’s not let others here because they might give us a second wave

    LOL fuck the ccp

  12. Why didn’t they fucking do that already. Mugs

  13. But they reopen businesses and factories instead. Brilliant.

  14. yeah right, after spreading it to the world.
    Should’ve done it in the first place instead of hiding this biological weapon of mass destruction from the world 0.

  15. during that vision that was left by an ancient race thousands of years ago with a vision of Data in it too…..the virus was also in it. 😉

  16. Ground zero locking it down. Where was this before chinese new year???

  17. Well fuck me and fuck the world right now. We are living a scary moment that’s gunna make it to the history books

  18. I have so much hate for the Chinese government. I just lost my father yesterday due to the virus they neglected to control. I for one will do my best to not buy anything made in China.

  19. They’re going to win this, The Chinese Century has begun in earnest.

  20. I remember reading that this has a mutation rate of 1-2% every few days, or something like that. Since vaccines are easily a year out, this is definitely a smart move. Social distancing and self quarantining (not staying home, but covering coughs/wearing masks/washing hands) needs to become the norm until then.

  21. Interesting plan. I see four problems with it:

    1) North Korea;

    2) Africa;

    3) India; and

    4) Pakistan.

  22. Great. Now I want icecream.

  23. People who say they don’t believe any number China gave simply just can’t accept the truth that China did a better job of controlling the virus.

    What I have seen in the past 3 months is. A lot of ACTIONS, by both officials and our people, to fight against the virus.

    For example, you don’t see anyone walk on a street without a mask, if you go for groceries, 99% of the people you meet will have their mask on. And all Chinese, like all of them, have been living like that for 3 fcking months. If that won’t stop the virus, I don’t know if anything will stop the virus.

    Even if the numbers are wrong, the Chinese still do a much better job than almost all nations, unlike all of those people who still partying, go to churches, or watch a football game even in March. They have done a much better job to actually follow the suggestions of how to protect themselves.

    People here should really just worry about their own government and themselves instead of blaming China for everything because I don’t think Trump would have done anything differently even if the outbreak was announced earlier. So do all EU countries. They all just gonna wait until it is too late anyway.

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