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China reports new swine fever cases in Gansu province

China reports new swine fever cases in Gansu province

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  1. The African Swine Fever (ASF) does NOT cause human disease, unlike COVID-19.

    ASF has been a huge problem in China (domestic and wild pigs) and Europe (wild boar population) for several years. It’s spreading throughout Asia slowly despite attempts to contain it. AFAIK, it’s not in the America’s, yet.

    There IS an experimental European ASF vaccine being tested that, so far has not killed the pigs it’s been administered to, unlike previous ASF vaccine ‘prototypes.’ We’ll know in six months or so if it’s effective but people are hopeful.

    European pig farmers are justifiably terrified that ASF will get into domestic production, devastating European pork production. I think there’s been some culling of wild boar herds in Europe that is making PETA apoplectic.

    All this being said, for pigs, this is an Ebola-like hemmoragic Fever that is uniformly deadly to pigs.

  2. Unless I’m reading this wrong

    This is not infecting humans. Just piggies.

  3. One horseman at a time please.

  4. Is mother nature trying to tell us something?

  5. Not the flu, not infectious to humans, and China has been fighting this for over a year.

  6. China has been dealing with an African swine flu outbreak in their pigs for awhile leading to mass culling of their stock. This problem is not new, nor does this flu affect humans.

  7. You have to finish your first virus before you get a second one!

  8. Man, it’s time to just stop eating meat.

  9. Sounds like it hasn’t jumped to humans yet.

  10. As we said in the Army, BOHICA. Bend over, here it comes again…

  11. 2020 is the year animals strike back.

  12. Can we for fucks sake stop exploiting animals

  13. I had H1N1. It was absolutely horrible..

  14. I hope they report these cases with more honesty.

  15. Can we quarantine China?

  16. Why do I feel like this is an aptly timed headline made to increase clicks

  17. Vincent is deeply concerned. Jules is not.

  18. This will affect us when pigs fly

  19. Prepare for trouble and make it double

  20. Gamsu flu infects little piggies. I fixed the headline.

  21. Fucking how hard is it to maintain a somewhat clean environment for farms. Disgusting.

  22. Not that anyone will make an uproar about animal cruelty or banning pig sales or pig eating like you all did with China… now that it’s your animals that are spreading disease (luckily this one isn’t going to humans) it’s just an issue to workaround

  23. That looks like the gulag

  24. China…………………-_-

  25. This is getting ridiculous, now there are two of them.

  26. The country that keeps on giving.

  27. Well good thing you opened the wet markets back up so people can buy unregulated meat there and spread some more disease.

  28. Is this the impetus for the West to finally stop endlessly importing cheap Chinese products? China needs to do better on how it treats animals, the environment, it’s workers and how it reports crucial information to other countries. Allowing cruel animal markets, cruel farming conditions and turning a blind eye to illegal wildlife trade has to stop. The thing is, it won’t unless an external pressure forces change. Fortunately, consumers hold all the power necessary over China to force that change.

  29. >China has confirmed two cases of African swine fever in northwestern Gansu province, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said on Thursday.

    Oh so now it’s ok to name a location of a virus…smh

  30. Maybe just maybe China needs to be sanctioned until they close the markets for good and also start making their food practices more sanitary. Covid-19, swine flu, bird flu, SARS, etc.

  31. China will be famine soon.

    There was a saying last year: swine flu caused the price of pork spiked, some people therefore ate wildlife animals and some even sold as pork, which then caused coronavirus.

    Now there is no pork, no wildlife market, and seems like the locusts are heading to China, famine is soon to come

  32. China….please. Let’s get our shit together.

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