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China threatens countermeasures in response to US bill supporting Hong Kong protesters

China threatens countermeasures in response to US invoice supporting Hong Kong protesters

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  1. On the plus side, China cutting us out of their markets would significantly impact those businesses that capitulated and denounced the HK protestors…

  2. China: “Don’t meddle with our government.”

    China: “We don’t like your governments decision so we gonna meddle you.”

  3. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/16/china-threatens-us-for-bill-supporting-hong-kong-protesters.html) reduced by 67%. (I’m a bot)
    > BEIJING – China will take countermeasures against the U.S. in response to a bill that favors the Hong Kong protesters, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.

    > On Tuesday in Washington, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act." The bill requests that various government departments consider whether recent political developments in Hong Kong require the U.S. to change the region's special trading status.

    > Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, and exports from the mainland traveling through Hong Kong can potentially evade U.S. export controls and sanctions.

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  4. By all means China should draft legislation supporting American libertarians. Or something similar.

  5. Hes gomma pull nba from american tv guys, watch out.

  6. Good. Fuck their shitty comunist blood money.

  7. Going off of all the people commenting stuff like ‘fuck China’, I’m getting the vibe that most people don’t realise the significant consequences that this whole situation is going to have on a global scale.

    If this matter escalates far enough (which I would think would be very likely, considering how stubborn both the Chinese and US leaders are), then we might end up with Cold War level global tensions again. The fact that corporations and some States are already picking sides alludes to such an outcome.

  8. Please do! It’ll be a massive hit to the companies that turn a blind eye to human to abuse!

  9. I’d like to see at least one significant country call their fucking bluff at this point. Put up or shut up you little bitches, by ‘snaring the west’ you’ve made yourself equally dependant on us.

  10. Last I checked this wasn’t china.

    Not passing the bill on that threat is letting them dictate our policies.

  11. Make China North Korea again

  12. If they still had any leverage, they would have used it already in the trade war

  13. Fine. You can’t expect our companies to act with integrity when their only responsibility is to their shareholders. It is government’s role to tell them that _maybe_ they shouldn’t be doing business with a genocidal authoritarian expansionist state.

  14. Russia and China are working together (while pretending not to) to corner the United States, while trump is too busy concerning himself with funneling bribe money through his hotels doing what Papi Putin commands.

  15. Are they going to pull their money out of reddit?

  16. China doesn’t want the human rights and democracy bill to pass? shocked.
    Anyone that refuses this bill is an enemy of humanity! Suck if Xi you fat toad.

  17. Sure if they want to impload their Econ, international investment and all the soft power they have built up.

    Trade wars are defo a lose lose buy China has more to lose than most due to a massive case of pissing everyone off

  18. I don’t think they will. I’d imagine pretty much all developed countries would side with the US in that situation. China so far has been trying to find middle ground in the trade war. If they escalated it then it would open the door for EU & US sanctions, it would give Trump a scapegoat for the lack of a comprehensive trade deal, while allowing him to virtue signal and take credit for “defending” HK. It really increase the chances he gets re-elected and China does not want another 4 years of Trump. Not to mention sanctions or a global trade rift would lead to massive flights of western capital out of China. The short term damage in case of a panic would be absolutely devastating.

    The best move would be to wait until either HK quiets down or find a peaceful solution that grants HK more autonomy. Hopefully they see reason and there’s some sort of a compromise so that everyone’s equally unhappy.

  19. they could pass a bill supporting something patently unamerican. like vegan brownies or something.

  20. Sadly I don’t expect that their countermeasures are going to include them stopping being genocidal cunts.

  21. Americans on Reddit were up in arms about Russia interfering in the affairs of USA and other Western countries and were calling for actions against Russia, but now it’s apparently a good thing when USA is doing it to China, and taking action against USA would be evil.

  22. The question becomes who is the dog, who is the tail, and which one gets to wag the other.

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