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China’s factories work 24/7 to build ventilators for Milan, New York

China’s factories work 24/7 to build ventilators for Milan, New York

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  1. You can spin this in plenty of ways, but I have hope that this whole thing will cause the world to chill out after this is all over

  2. The world needs more ventilators now – people will die without them. I’m glad they’re building them and selling them.

  3. Wow look at this comment section

  4. I love how people shit on people trying to save your life. Sort of like how people here in the states are shitting on doctors and nurses for fear of getting corona.

  5. Is the world too dependent on China’s factories? Maybe they should make more things on their own soil.

  6. Milan, New York annnnd Japan, I’m too sexy for your party

  7. Doesn’t matter what your ideology , nationality or ethnic background is. This is humanity working to help one another.

  8. Ventilators are literally going to be the difference between life and death so there should be crash programs everywhere to build these.

    But that is much too sane to fly in capitalism. “But think of the cost!”

  9. Good business is good business. Good thing China runs a mean production system. Totalitarian regimes do that superb advantages in that regard, just like how Mussolini made the trains run on time.

    I hope the Chinese citizens will be working in safe and comfortable conditions during this mad dash to make stuff for the world and that ample machines will be available for its own citizens.

  10. Isn’t that the advantage of robots and automation?

  11. If only we had a domestic industry in these kinds of vital products.

    But NOPE, we can save a couple of bucks so fat cat corporate executives can pull in more profits if we outsource everything.

  12. Wow I didn’t know factories could make ventilators all by themselves, these factories are getting pretty smart

  13. Our Western factories aren’t even working 24/7 to produce toilet paper. Can Elon Musk source some of that too?

  14. Is it free? Just want to make sure it not another “donation” that CCP claim for.

  15. why. They hate chinese. They should remove the censorship in China so regular Chinese peeps can see all the racism and xenophobia over here

  16. lol, look at the comments that have been downvoted into the dirt In this thread and the ones that have been upvoted And the news source…something fishy going on in here…

  17. How do tag propaganda? Such bullshit

  18. Will the Chinese propaganda ever stop?

  19. Tesla is already delivering. Spare us the Chinese propaganda.

  20. Look at this amazing, friendly regime! Not murderous dictatorship at all, humanitarian paradise!

  21. They’re lying. So anyways where are my upvotes for my brave stance.

  22. Why the fuck they build ventilators for New York? Salty Muricans hate China and Chinese people, let them suffer alone.

  23. It’s the least they can do after unleashing this virus to the rest of the world. #NeverForgetchineseVirus

  24. In tomorrow’s news: Ventilators for Milan have gone “missing”.

  25. I’d rather they take responsibility and shut down the wet markets.

  26. each one of them bugged and cleared inspection without proper protocol. they may save lives short term but long term were screwed

  27. So China is no longer infected, and they did nothing of shutdown outside of Wuhan, and are back up and running, but the rest of the World is crashing their entire economies because somehow they are mega infected. Does this make any sense?

  28. the very best ventilators, straight from Wuhan!

  29. So the joke about products from China has always been they lack quality and are often dangerous. I wonder if we will the a blind eye to those faults in an effort to try and save people.

  30. Well they should because China caused all this. They failed to enforce sanitation law in their wet markets even after SARS, MERS, Avian flu, and now corona came from there. They lied about the severity, allowed millions to travel, and suppressed doctors. Not to mention they put people in concentration camps and build fake islands.

  31. Now would be a great time for American factories to work 24/7 to build ventilators.

    Break reliance on China.

    Edit: downvoted for anything anti-China these days. CCP PR squad on full display all over reddit.

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