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China’s response to NBA Hong Kong tweet was a ‘violation of US sovereignty,’ Condoleezza Rice says

China’s response to NBA Hong Kong tweet was a ‘violation of US sovereignty,’ Condoleezza Rice says

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  1. If a country wants to keep its sovereignty it can’t allow too much foreign investment in its economy. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

  2. I think China has already shown there is nothing they won’t violate.

  3. So… Saudi Arabia holding WWE wrestlers on the tarmac hostage is what?

    A declaration of war?

  4. You know its election season when everyone is banging the war drum.

  5. Childish? Sure. Stupid? Yes.

    A violation of US sovereignty….. bit of a stretch.

    Now if Beijing assassinates the man with a drone or invades Hawaii over the comments, *that* would be a violation of sovereignty.

  6. TIL that violating sovereignty means pulling NBA games off of local television stations. Displacing and detaining a million people is fine, but take away Rockets’ games? That’s frankly a crime against humanity.

  7. And Condoleeza knows *a lot* about violating sovereignty.

  8. Fucking war monger.

    Attacking Iraq is a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty.

  9. If complaining about an American citizen’s actions is a violation of US sovereignty, wouldn’t complaining about the Chinese government’s actions be a violation of *their* sovereignty, though?

  10. Well, there is the assumption that China can do business with who it pleases. It’s not exactly like they are entitled to that business.

    If I eat at the same restaurant nightly until the owner starts criticising how I raise my children, am I violating the owners rights?

  11. Well, Condoleezza Rice may not be the perfect person to say that, I mean lady, you literally helped your country invaded two other sovereign states.

  12. The title using Condoleezza Rice (part of the Bush administration, admin that invaded Iraq) for a “oh so its okay to invade another country but its not okay for China to interfere in US freedom of speech??!!!” That’s what I feel is being pushed by this post.

    The reality is China is pushing it’s influence worldwide by threatening other countries if they dont follow suit or using their nationality to do it regardless ie how in Australia Chinese students tore down walls in support of Hong Kong protest.

    Nice try but it doesn’t work anymore with the passive whataboutism.

  13. Was it a violation of sovereignty? The NBA willingly accepted money from Chinese investors. Then their people started insulting China so they threatened to pull their investments. Being able to choose which companies you invest in based on ideology should be a celebrated right, not a violation of sovereignty.

  14. 哈哈哈哈哈哈笑tm死我了
    AMERICA is talking about NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY now?

  15. I fully stand with HK. However, threatening to pull investment and close down a sporting/entertainment partnership is not a ‘violation of national sovereignty’.

  16. No. A diplomatic statement regarding the tweet of a corporate employee is not a challenge to US sov.

  17. Why did Condoleezza Rice not resign after 9/11 occurred?

  18. That’s a tough call. China is allowed to not show the NBA inside China. The NBA censored themselves to try and reverse the ban. If I threaten to hurt you unless you do what I want, I’m violating your free-will. If I threaten to withhold a privilege like saying I won’t let you use my Netflix account anymore unless you do something I want you to do, that’s not violating your free-will. It’s a morally fine line. China is not threatening to hurt or imprison NBA owners or athletes. They are taking away the money from the market share the NBA gets inside China. If that is a violation of sovereignty, than Trump threatening to cut off trade with countries who don’t uphold US’s Iran sanctions is definitely a violation of those countries’ sovereignty.

  19. if you have to say other nations are violating your “sovereignty” you are weak

    what has happened to us? China should be terrified of our response to them trying to manipulate us, not the other way around

  20. It’s understandable why she’s confused. She’s in Abu Dhabi. The smell of Irans recent 50 billion barrel oil find is wafting across the Persian Gulf and making her think of “freeing” oppressed middle eastern people in the name of U.S. sovereignty.

  21. No it wasnt. China has every right to be upset about whatever they want. They can cancel any event in their own country. The only violation of us sovereignty was committed by the NBA. You cant suppress free speech in THIS country. Throwing people out of stadiums for holding support HK signs is a violation of sovereignty. The NBA thankfully didnt bow to pressure on fining or suspending Morey but lots of other companies have.

    China has money and they try to use it as a lever. Some companies in turn allow themselves to be pushed and pulled by that lever. China isnt taking our sovereignty, we are giving it to them because we want the money.

  22. Okay, set that precedence Americans.

    You will have violated every country’s sovereignty, then.

    Americans are starting a world war, huh?

  23. Pulling investment of their money is a violation of U.S. sovereignty, says the fucking warmonger who supports literal invasions on false pretenses and CIA coups on democratically elected governments.

    Hypocrisy is an understatement.

  24. US has violated the sovereignty of other countries many times over that the only thing that matters is their own interest. Invasions, economic sanctions, diplomatic blackmail. Even western allies are not immune from this, the recent Ukraine scandal has proven US will blackmail their allies to get what they want.

    China has every right to call out NBA if NBA wants to make money off the Chinese people. If NBA had any backbone they could cut the Chinese market out.

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