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Chinese reporter slapped UK activist during debate over Hong Kong

Chinese reporter slapped UK activist during debate over Hong Kong

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  1. Hilarious she’s talking about her rights to protest (as press) in the UK. She does not see the irony?

  2. //She shouted at human rights activists on the panel that they were “trying to separate China” and when Lieu asked her to leave, she slapped him, the city’s magistrates court heard//

    //He gave Kong a 12-month conditional discharge, meaning she will not be jailed unless a further offence is committed within that period//

  3. What exactly is a Chinese reporter……

  4. Released without charges when the Chinese embassy intervened.

    If the rest of the world doesn’t act against China soon they will transition from this behind the scenes control to overt worldwide domination. Fuck China, fuck Xi.

  5. Now a hero in China.

    This is how you deal with people of opposing views, you punish them but typically in China you’re led to a concentration camp instead these days just like under the glorious days of Mao that was responsible for more deaths than Hitler ever caused. And that’s Chinas hero.. A mass murderer so you can see how a little slap is nothing.

    They are brainwashed to think Western agents are trying to divide China so they go to whatever lengths necessary to stop it. It’s called harmony in China which is why the Uighurs are being imprisoned and tortured because they go against that harmony according to the communist party President Xi is head of.

  6. Should have nailed the bitch back

  7. Damn, 2grand for getting slapped…anyone wanna come slap me?

  8. I know people like to Chinese hate but give it a rest the guy kept touching her and seemed to be trying to hold her from leaving and it was then she slapped his hand.

  9. That wasn’t anything. They should kick her out if they want to but she slapped his hand away from pointing in her face. That’s not assault, maybe if they didn’t have video of that weak slap she could be charged. This is not a comment on her position towards hk.

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