Chinese social media users directed their fury at online retailer on Aug. 15, after discovering T-shirts on its website sporting slogans that support anti-government protesters in Hong Kong.

Chinese language social media customers directed their fury at on-line retailer on Aug. 15, after discovering T-shirts on its web site sporting slogans that assist anti-government protesters in Hong Kong.

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  1. Well fuck them. Even if those were Amazon sanctioned, a people should have a right to disagree with their government, and shouldn’t have to fear anything if they voice their opinions.

  2. China employs thousands of people whose sole job is to police their internet, report dissidents and argue the party line. I suspect the complaints come from this ready source of complainers.

  3. China is done. I work for a US tech manufacturer and we’re moving all interests out of China. When we do we’ll never go back. The cost of retooling is very expensive but our ROI can be squared away in a 5 year cycle by increasing margins.. We’re moving a lot of interests towards Mexico which is interesting in that a lot of the plants will be operated by women. One of our benefits is that her entire family gets 3 square meals a day in the canteen. Kids, husband after he’s done working, etc. Our manufacturing facilities in Mexico are very family oriented.

    The costs are elevated but the two important things are time to ship – we’ll be able to get Intel chips directly from New Mexico to use in our products made in Mexico. There won’t be a month long delay shipping from China. Time to market is key on costs and delivery. So we’ll make up for the extra costs by TTM and build that into our margin. Pricing to the consumer will be equal.

    Within 5 years 100% of our manufacturing will have left China entirely and all of our parts will be sourced from other countries and we’re not a small company by any measure. This is a moving trend in our industry right now.

    Apple is doing the same. Foxconn is prepared to move 100% of it’s iPhone manufacturing out of China to meet Apple’s objective of moving 30% of it’s manufacturing out of China by 2020.

    So bye bye China. We no longer care.

  4. Listen, China. Jeff Bezos/Amazon doesn’t give a shit about racist products, rip-off products, Trump positive products, not as advertised products, stolen art products, or good working conditions for their employees. Anything as long as they make a dollar. I can guarantee they don’t give a shit about this either.

  5. It’s getting to the point where they’re lashing out against all non-Chinese companies for hurting Chinese feelings. When would it be considered a good idea to collectively raise the middle finger at the oversized kid with tantrum issues?

  6. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 75%. (I’m a bot)
    > The widely-read Global Times tabloid, published by China's state-owned People's Daily, said many Chinese internet users found the T-shirts for sale carrying slogans such as "Free Hong Kong Democracy Now" and "Hong Kong is Not China," among others.

    > Protests in Hong Kong are attracting media attention across the region, as activists have occupied public spaces across the global financial hub for more than 10 weeks, to draw attention to a perceived erosion of civil liberties in Hong Kong.

    > Several celebrities from mainland China severed ties with a number of fashion labels this week, after online users pointed out they had released apparel that referred to Hong Kong and Taiwan as separate from the People's Republic of China.

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  7. Congratulations on the 1 billion nationalist slimeballs that are willing to kill you in the name of China. Why should they have more power than the USA again? Why should the US cede hegemony to this nation again?

  8. The Chinese are like some massive cult who feel it is their national right to control whomever and whatever they want – and should this be blocked, then they exhibit great fury and sometimes, also, throwing the odd tantrum.

  9. wait, this is a way to get to the chinese people. put the message on millions of different items (even fake items) and list it for sale on amazon. they eventually will see it


    EDIT: i think i read i read the title wrong, i thought i read that they were in support of the anti-gov protests. looks like it could mean that they are mad at amazon for even hosting the anti-gov items.


    EDIT 2: maybe i should read the fuckin article

  10. China hasn’t blocked Amazon yet? That’s honestly shocking since so many products on it offend Communist Chinese sensibilities.

    On the other hand, Amazon creates different product listings for each country based partly on politics and partly on warehouse stock. So this would have likely been specifically the China site, which makes me suspect that these people are actually accessing an HK/Taiwan version, or else that the two versions are the same.

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