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Cinema 2020 knows no laughter .. Rare comedies in a sad year

In its history, cinema has not witnessed a scarce year with the production of comedies – good in general and family in particular – such as 2020. Of about 30 films, most of them did not score more than 2 stars out of 4 stars, or 5 points out of 10.

The three films, rated by most critics as some of the best Hollywood has made this year, were hardly able to nominate them, hoping that they were enough to say goodbye to the year with a smile.


“Emma” is a 124-minute romantic comedy based on the latest published novel by British writer Jane Austen, directed by American Ottoman de Wilde, in her directorial debut as a photographer.

In a gorgeous showcase of lavish homes populated by eccentric people, it presents us with Austin’s comedy, with its powerful mixture of social satire and endless romantic intrigue. Her “smart and rich handsome” heroine, Emma (Anya Taylor Joy), is a rare character who enjoys a privileged status without being asked to marry.

She is a spoiled daughter who lives alone in a giant house with her father (Bill Nighy), amuses herself by manipulating the relationships around her, and is distinguished by her frightening outlook that is not without a flash of hatred, and does not try to calm her selfishness or be loved.

Yet her world seems to be very crowded with hectic and complicated social activity; But it is elegant and comical at the same time.

Emma, ​​for example, could not bear the relationship of Harriet (Mia Guth), an orphan girl of unknown parentage, who lives in a boarding school for girls, with a modest widower farmer Martin (Connor Swindels). She was complained by Reverend Elton (Josh O’Connor), who fell in love with her; But she is drawn to a man who was not in the scene until midway through the movie, the arrogant tycoon Frank Churchill (Callum Turner), who intrigues her even though he may be more infatuated with Jane Fairfax (Amber Anderson).

In the film, we will notice how director Dee Wilde, who is fond of the image, recruited; Originally being a photographer, Christopher Bluffelt’s camera, with Alexandra Byrne costumes, those hats perched on women’s heads, the scene of female students walking across town in red robes, and traditional English songs that flow over the green landscape in true magic to produce an elegant visual painting that embodies Jane’s irony. Austin Social Acute.

Over the rocks

On the Rocks, a 96-minute comedy-drama, director Sophia Coppola floods her conversations with candlelight; To add warmth and shine to each frame, as she charts the journey of a daughter, her father’s shadow, defining every important decision in her life, until she grows up and becomes a woman.

Since we see Felix (Bill Murray), sitting with his daughter Laura (Rashida Jones) in a restaurant, asking her what she’s going to eat before she can even look at the menu. When we arrive near the end of the film and we find the daughter herself refuses an invitation from her father to a cruise, saying, “It seems interesting; but I cannot attend.”

Laura is a writer who has two daughters in her care to write, and husband Dean (Marlon Wayans) the always busy Dean who has made them gradually diverge. Especially after her father doubted that he was “confident that Dean was betraying her,” claiming that he was well-versed in the men’s tricks. Although she initially rejected the idea, However, she began to be affected by these doubts.

The film provides a treatment for a father who suffers from a deep sense of dissatisfaction with himself, for losing his daughter’s childhood and not fulfilling his parental duties towards her. It is a feeling that goes deep inside him, and he makes him feel guilty. This makes him in dire need of compensation, even if by being busy watching his daughter’s husband, in order to get closer to her by proving his betrayal.

And a daughter who feels deprived of her father until she has grown up and became a wife who lacks security in her marital life, as she performs her duties as a mother; But she is not happy and at the same time refuses to view her as a victim.

Let us find ourselves in front of many emotional influences, which almost break the heart; But in a strong Italian comedy, Sophia is inspired by her relationship with her father, the legendary director Francis Ford Coppola. According to what I mentioned in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Let them all talk

Let Them All Talk is a 113-minute comedy-drama directed by Steven Soderberg.

In a deceptive manner that conceals a deeper meaning, it tells the story of a famous writer, Alice Hughes (Meryl Streep), who is forced to travel to England to receive an award.

And because she is afraid to travel by plane, she persuaded the awardee to pay her for a trip across the ocean on board the “Mary Queen-2” ship, to be accompanied by her nephew and assistant, Tyler (Lucas Hedges), and two college friends who have not seen either of them since Decades, Susan (Diane West) is a women advocate imprisoned in Seattle, and Roberta (Candice Bergen) is a Dallas retailer.

She considered it an opportunity to find fun and happiness, and come to terms with her troubled past. After years have passed since her most important book and made her fame, her new agent Karen (Gemma Chan) hopes to write his complement on the ship.

The film poses questions, and answers them through the eyes of young Tyler, who sees his aunt always looking at herself as greater than life, and believes that other people should revolve in her orbit, and submit to her mood and whims, as well as the positions of another novelist on board, called Kelvin Kranz (Dan All Grant, who outdid Alice multiple times.

Soderberg made a special comedy with great stand-up scenes, not a choreographed one-piece movie. And he gave freedom to cinematographer Peter Andrews, to capture the majestic beauty of the ship at sunrise and sunset.

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