Home / news / Climate change deniers robbing Australia of time to respond to impacts, Australian Science Minister warns | “Every second that we spend talking about whether or not the climate is changing is a second that we are not spending on looking at adaptation [and] mitigation strategies.”

Climate change deniers robbing Australia of time to respond to impacts, Australian Science Minister warns | “Every second that we spend talking about whether or not the climate is changing is a second that we are not spending on looking at adaptation [and] mitigation strategies.”

Climate change deniers robbing Australia of time to respond to impacts, Australian Science Minister warns | “Every second that we spend talking about whether or not the climate is changing is a second that we are not spending on looking at adaptation [and] mitigation strategies.”

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  1. Didn’t your PM say climate change was crap tho ?

  2. We gotta kick big Corporations out of politics. Fuck all those old politicians just wanting to make more money in a position of power.

    The youth has to become more active parts of the political climate and fight back against those boomer asses. They know climate change is real, but they will never admit it, because the people shoving money up their big asses don’t like hearing about it.

  3. Her whole party has dismantled climate change policies over the past decade.

    Her party is full of climate change deniers.

  4. Climate change denier robbing Australia of time etc. But The government here keeps cutting funds and prices of essentials keep going up.

    As of recently, Fresh food has an expected 50% price increase cuz of bushfires.

    Government spitting some BS rn which is why a bunch of firefighters are mega pissed that they fight bushfires with no help. While cabinet is arguing people are dying.

  5. This sounds good on the face of it but is actual the most cynical and destructive thing they can be doing.

    Yes adaptation and mitigation are important so I am glad they have at last acknowledged that and might start doing something about it.

    But the reason the government is saying this now is to make it appear as though they are finally giving in to pressure to act on climate change when in reality they are still steadfast in their refusal to reduce emissions.

    The media, unfortunately, is eating this up uncritically and presenting it as the government finally responding to pressure. That’s what the is what these statements were designed to do politically while making the fact they are refusing to act on reducing climate change a forgotten side issue. Even the ABC is disappointingly buying this con.

    The only decent reporting on it I have found is an opinion piece on the Guardian:


    I don’t want the media to editorialise but they should at least point out the facts. The government is still refusing to reduce emissions.

  6. And right on cue. we’ve moved on to stage three of climate change denialism. Those of us who know deniers saw this coming a mile away.

    1. It doesn’t exist, you’re being hysterical.

    2. Maybe it exists, but it’s not people causing the warming.

    3. It exists, but it’s too late to do anything about it.

  7. > Science Minister Karen Andrews said it was time to move on from ideological battles, which she said had robbed the nation of the time and energy needed to respond to climate change.

    Ideological debates are politically easy. Adaptation and mitigation are politically difficult. “Deniers” are not the problem, they are a distraction used by politicians that don’t have the courage to go the next step.

  8. The Murdoch media and Chinese political influence has robbed Australia. The climate change deniers are cut from a similar cloth – having met these people, they truly believe their own horseshit.

    Shit is fucked and disinformation is king.

  9. “Climate change isn’t real”

    “Yea? I think it is and here is a shitton of proof.”

    “All those people allover the world are lying. I am inclined to call it a conspiracy!”

    “Well, I don’t think that makes sense. There are too many disparate sources and while some may stand to gain from a greener economy, a lot of them are genuinely independent.”

    “But what if it isn’t real? What if it is all a lie?! What will happen then?”

    “If it isn’t real and temperatures right now are just randomly spiking up in an unprecedented fashion, the only thing we would gain from this is cleaner air, a more healthy environment and healthier people because of higher standards for pollution etc.”

    “Yea well I don’t like that?”


    “Because I would personally make less money from rich industrialist donations. …Oh wait I wasn’t supposed to say that. Strike it from the record!”

    “Okay. What is your answer instead?”

    “I think banning plastic straws is communism and an attack on our freedoms!”

    Did I sum this whole stupid thing up well enough for you? One side wants to do a good thing and the only response the other has is to call them liars without ever explaining why it would make any sense to lie about this. Yea sure, big government wants to make the air cleaner because…what? What is the evil conspiracy about? What do they gain except a more livable planet?

  10. Climate change deniers are truly the stupidest people on earth. Even if they don’t believe in CC they are (also) too dumb to understand risk management.

  11. Adaptation and mitigation is language for “we’ve given up on any chance of stopping climate change now”.

  12. This is a challenge, surely.

    But let’s not act like we don’t have people who still believe the Earth is flat…

    Skepticism is one thing, but this has gone too far.

    Time to financially punish unfounded denial. Only way to see change is to curb their business in order to save the planet.

  13. Climate change deniers is like that minion in Austin Powers who see the steamroller coming slowly, yet can’t do anything to move out of the way.

  14. It’s more dire than that though. It’s like after driving off a cliff you’re still debating whether you’re in a car or not.

    Australia must not only lower their global contribution to GHG emissions (including exported fossil fuels) but also start planning for these events occurring far more often and larger than normal.

  15. Step one. Stop bottling ground water. Esp. in drought conditions.

  16. I feel like if I met an Australian Climate Change denier, I’d probably engage them in an argument about how fire is a hoax, and all of the reporting about the fires in Australia is just attention seeking, and everyone knows wood doesn’t work like that (using some wet wood and soggy matches as proof) and be very loud and insistent, meeting their incredulity and outrage with increased volume, logical fallacies, and infuriating circular arguments.

    See how they like it.

  17. I mean, Australians voted for a climate skeptic platform. The Liberal Party made no bones about their stance. Come next election, the Australians may vote them again.

  18. That’s the plan. Capitalism doesn’t *do* long term. So those invested in capitalism need to stretch the short term out as long as possible. By the time climate change kills everyone, everyone will be dead anyway.

  19. Agree , why are the concerned people wasting time in denying or not doing anything. It’s time to act now.

  20. I remember reading a post somewhere, let’s assume it is all a massive, very elaborate hoax. Is it really a problem if we shift to be more sustainable and live in a healthier society?

  21. What’s the worst that can happen if we do take action, assuming climate change isn’t real…..a cleaner planet…?!

    I’d take that chance.

  22. What I find really difficult is that we can do all we possibly can to mitigate climate change as individuals, from recycling to composting, to using electric cars or biking/walking instead of driving, to paying carbon offset taxes when we fly… but at the end of the day, our contribution is a drop in the bucket. If the wealthiest people in the world would all donate even 10% of their profits/incomes/net worth to climate change strategy research and development, we could actually get somewhere. If we started focusing on tax evading big earners rather than welfare fraud, we’d be able to contribute more money to it. It just feels completely hopeless as a working individual with no wealth.

  23. Do not be fooled by her, she is a “science” minister in a Government that had no Science minister.

    She is not talking about fighting climate change. She is talking about adaptation and mitigation. As of a few day ago her boss said that he will not abandon coal.

    The fact she sounds reasonable is an indictment of how badly the denyiers screwed us.

  24. Meanwhile renewables proponents are wasting time on jerking off renewables instead of taking nuclear seriously.

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