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Coaches put a “veto” on the participation of players with their national teams .. “CONMEBOL” postpones Qatar World Cup qualifiers

More than one technical director joined Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp, who demanded that players be prevented from participating with their country teams due to the Corona pandemic, especially in South America.

The British government published the “Red List”, which includes 33 countries, and considered it to be of high risk due to the outbreak of Corona in them.

She explained that “everyone who is found in these countries will be prevented from entering Britain during the last ten days, but if you are British or have residence in Britain, you can enter the country, provided that you remain in the hotel quarantine for 10 days.”

It is noteworthy that this list contains 10 countries in South America – among them Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Colombia – that are in the midst of the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, in addition to several African countries, including Congo and Angola, and the list also includes Portugal, and these teams have many players in the Premier League, Their absence for 10 days from their teams will have real repercussions on the results of these teams.

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola said that “it is not logical for the players to leave, and upon their return they enter the hotel quarantine for 10 days.”

“We work for months and spend the money, and the international period comes in the middle of the season. If the teams lose 6 or 7 players, then there is no need for them to go and participate with their country.”

He concluded, “We want to allow them to participate with the national teams of their country, and I will never ask them not to go, but it is not logical upon return that they should not train for 10 days, especially as we play in the Premier League and the Champions League.”

It seems that the voices of these coaches have echoed throughout the South American Football Association (CONMEBOL), which announced on Saturday the postponement of its World Cup qualifiers scheduled for the end of this month due to travel restrictions that hinder the movement of professional players in Europe.

“This decision is due to the inability to provide South American players at the appropriate time,” a statement by the federation said, indicating that it would study with FIFA to reschedule the matches.

As for the rest of the qualifiers, it seems that the teams will depend on local players in their formation.

Source : Spanish press + social networking sites

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