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Cohen celebrates Al Mazrouei in Israel … and tweets: You are not the owner of the house

Through his Twitter account, the controversial Emirati tweet, Hamad Al Mazrouei – known for his proximity to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi – announced his arrival in Tel Aviv through a tweet in which he merely wrote the name of the city.

“Nasherkum” (10/17/2020) followed Al Mazrouei’s tweet, which caused widespread controversy among the pioneers of social media, especially after he posted a picture from Ben Gurion Airport showing an Israeli plane in the background.

For his part, Israeli journalist Eddie Cohen welcomed Al Mazrouei in a tweet in which he said, “Hamad Al Mazrouei is at David Ben Gurion Airport now … Welcome to the dialect of the people of Najran, and welcome to Al Sa’a with the accent of the people of Al Ain.”

Expressing his refusal to welcome the journalist Cohen to Al-Marzawi in a house that he does not own, one of the activists said in a tweet to him, “Firstly, Hello Alef is the dialect of the people of her father and not the dialect of the people of Najran, and you welcome a house that is your home! .. It is the home of the real people of the land, and they are the Palestinians, I mean. Theft and welcomes theft!

In the same context, activist Ali Al-Oman expressed his astonishment at being led by the trend of normalization with Israel, and wrote in his tweet, “I always wondered how people could follow the Antichrist, and the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, warned us of him and told us about his clear qualities and games, but I no longer I am surprised now when I see how people follow their kings and bosses in this way. “

On the other hand, activist Fatima said that the Arabs ’abuse of the Emirati people makes them cling to their decisions and respect Israel instead of the Arabs who confront them with insults and insults. She said,“ Some Arabs’ insults to us that have forced us to respect and appreciate the Israelis whom we have not heard insulting or insulting throughout our lives, and in In return, all of the Arabs with whom we stood today curses us, and the more insulting us, the more we love the Israeli people. “

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