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Coinciding with military exercises, the Israeli Defense Minister threatens Gaza with new strikes

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz threatened new strikes on the Gaza Strip in the event that what he described as prejudice to the sovereignty of Israel continued, coinciding with the occupation army conducting training to improve its capabilities to “fight” in Gaza.

This comes after the Israeli occupation aircraft launched a series of raids on the sites of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the Gaza Strip, without causing any casualties among civilians.

The Israeli army spokesman said that the bombing came in response to the firing of shells from the Gaza Strip towards the adjacent settlements, and targeted Hamas targets, including a site for the production of missile weapons, underground infrastructure and a camp for the Hamas naval forces.

For his part, Hazem Qassem, the band on behalf of Hamas, said that the bombing comes in the context of the unending aggression, stressing that the Palestinian people will continue the struggle to regain their rights.

Smoke billowing as an Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip (Reuters)

military training

And earlier this morning, Sunday, the Israeli army launched military exercises to improve the readiness of its forces in the Southern Command and their readiness for the possibility of a security and military escalation in the Gaza Strip.

The training, which will last for 4 days, will be attended by regular and reserve forces from the Air Force and the ground forces of the so-called “Gaza Division”. Surprising scenarios will be dealt with during the exercises in cooperation with the various military and security branches.

The Gaza Division is a military division of the Israeli army’s Southern Command, operating within the Gaza Strip and the surrounding area.

A statement by the Israeli military spokesman said that these exercises are included in the plan for this year’s exercises, but due to the state of cautious tension that prevails in the borders with the Gaza Strip, a military exam was suddenly added to, supervised by the Chief of Staff, which examines the readiness of the Gaza Division for actions described as defensive in the Gaza envelope area.

The army explained that this is the fifth exercise this year in a series of readiness tests led by the Chief of Staff.

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