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Coinciding with the US elections … what is the secret behind Trump’s imposition of new sanctions on Iran?

Former Iranian diplomat Hadi Afqhi said that the US sanctions imposed on Iran go through two stages, first of which is the maximum pressure to draw Tehran to the negotiating table.

As for the second stage – as he stated in his “What’s Behind the News” program (11/19/2020) – it is the desire to obstruct the project of President-elect Joe Biden, who wants to ease relations with Iran and resolve the nuclear file, so Trump wants to increase these sanctions that will cost Biden dearly.

He added that Iran did not abandon its commitment to the nuclear agreement, but suspended some items because America withdrew from it illegally, explaining that the Iranian strategy seeks to resist and continue to expand its ties with other countries away from America and the European Union.

Maximum pressure

On the other hand, James Robbins, senior researcher at the American Council on Foreign Policy said that the new sanctions come within the policy of maximum pressure exerted by the US administration against Iran, considering that the Donald Trump administration believes that it will come to a second term, but if Joe Biden becomes president, things will change. .

He added that the aim of the maximum pressure campaign is to get Iran to sit at the negotiating table and reach a new agreement between the two countries, and perhaps the European Union as well, noting that Iran has never accepted to negotiate with the Trump administration and hopes that his term will end in next January.

European pursuit

For her part, Professor of International Relations, Julie Norman, explained that the European partners maintained their commitment to the nuclear agreement, but they were disappointed after America’s withdrawal, and therefore they considered that the campaign of maximum pressure harms the Iranian economy without returning to the negotiating table nor being able to disrupt the nuclear program, and therefore European countries try To reach a new agreement with the new US administration.

She added that European countries believe that it is difficult for the new US administration to put an end to these sanctions, because it will be difficult to lift them in the future.

It is noteworthy that the United States of America imposed new sanctions on dozens of entities and individuals associated with Iran, in a move that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed as part of the pressure to create a new Middle East that brings together those affected by what he described as Iranian violence, which Tehran considered as a mere psychological war against the Iranians.

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