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Comfortable, attractive, but misleading … a New York Times article criticizing the conspiracy theory

Historian Yuval Noah Harari criticizes the conspiracy theory that claims that there is one secret group controlling the world and controlling its course, and says that it falsifies people’s awareness and gives them an illusory feeling that they are the most understanding of the world and the most intelligent to perceive its complexities.

. In his article In The New York Times, an understanding of the structure of the “secret global gang theory” that governs the whole world can shed light on its “charisma and its inherent falsehood.”

The most common

He says that conspiracy theories come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common form is the “secret global gang theory”, the theory that claims that under the countless events that we see on the surface of the world lurks one evil group; They may be Freemasons, magicians, satanists, or even aliens, or a variety of other groups.

But the basic structure remains the same: the group controls almost everything that happens, and at the same time conceals this control.

He asserts that conspiracy theories are not modern, but have existed for thousands of years, with some even having a major impact on history.

He notes that global gang theories claim that the events circulating in the news are a brilliantly designed smoke curtain intended to deceive us, and that famous leaders are working to distract us and distract us, and they are mere puppets of real rulers.

One straightforward interpretation of events

And global gang theories can partially attract many followers. Because it offers a single direct explanation for the myriad of complex processes that happen frequently in our lives, like wars, revolutions, crises, and pandemics, but if you believe in some kind of global gang theory, then you enjoy the comforting feeling that you understand everything.

Yuval Harari: If you believe in world gang theory then you enjoy the comfortable feeling that you understand everything (Getty Images)

The war in Syria? You don’t need to study Middle Eastern history to understand what’s happening there, it’s part of a big conspiracy. 5G technology evolution? You don’t need to do any research into radio wave physics, it’s the conspiracy. The Covid-19 pandemic? It has nothing to do with ecosystems, bats and viruses, it’s clearly part of the plot!

The writer points out that the main key to the global gang theory opens all the mysteries in the world, and allows the person who adopts it to enter into an exclusive circle (the group of people who understand), and makes him smarter and wiser than the average person, but rather makes him higher than the ruling class and the intellectual elite of professors, journalists and politicians ; “He sees what they do not see, or what they are trying to hide.”

Simplify the world and history

The writer criticizes these theories by saying that they suffer from a fundamental defect; It assumes that history is very simple, and its main premise is that the world is easy to manipulate, since it is possible for a small group of people to understand, predict and control everything. From wars to technological revolutions to epidemics, when this small group unleashes a political revolution, they can control its course, and when the war begins, it knows how to end it.

“But of course, the world is more complex,” he comments, and it is extremely difficult to predict and control humanitarian affairs, even small matters like running a school or a local council, or organizing a surprise birthday party. You make a plan, and it backfires. You try to keep something a secret, and the next day everyone talks about it. You are colluding with a trusted friend, and at the decisive moment he stabs you in the back.

The writer goes on to say that global gang theory asks us to believe that it is easy to control and control billions of people, while it is difficult to succeed in this with a thousand people, or even 100 only.

Most people believe in the plot and the least

He adds that, of course, there are many real conspiracies in the world. Individuals, companies, organizations, churches, factions and governments are constantly planning and following various conspiracies, but they are not part of a single global conspiracy, and this is precisely what makes it difficult to predict and control the entire world.

The writer also says that realizing that no single gang can secretly control the entire world is not only an accurate judgment, but also enables anyone to identify the competing factions and allied groups in our world, and this is what real politics revolves around.

Harari cited in the beginning of his article the results of a recent poll that included 26 thousand people in 25 countries, and showed that 37% of Americans, 45% of Italians, 55% of Spaniards, and 78% of Nigerians; They believe that there is “one group of people who secretly control events and rule the world together”.

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