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Communication sites are chasing Sisi in conjunction with demonstrations across Egypt

There is no talk on the Egyptian social media platforms today, Friday, except about the demonstrations that took place in several governorates and cities in the country, and they resonated widely on the platforms with several hashtags for support and other opposition.

Eighth Newsletter – Your Bulletin (9/25/2020) Several hashtags against President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi launched by opponents of the Egyptian regime today, most notably the tag “The Friday of Anger, September 25,” which was the title of opposition interaction and the portal of opinions and proposals for opponents to take to the street and demonstrate.

As for Sisi’s supporters, they also released several hashtags in support of him and refused to demonstrate in the streets against his policies, most notably the tag “All of Egypt is with you, Sisi.”

Activists circulated footage showing a group of protesters smashing a banner with a picture of Sisi during protests this afternoon in the city of Bani Mazar in Minya Governorate, in the south of the country.

Wide Egyptian and Arab interactions on today’s demonstrations, as Abd al-Rahman Ayyash said, “If I were in Egypt, I wouldn’t have the courage to do what the people would do. On my head, by God, is any resistance to the criminals who rule us and my head what they do.”

Gamal Sultan wrote, “Al-Sisi is paying today the price of turning Egypt into a camp and confiscating the public space, no parties, no parliament, no press, no media, no civil society, no justice, the people found only the street, and what is happening today are some of the aftershocks of the January revolution. , Carries her fingerprints and breath, which deludes that she is dead and promises that she will not return. “

Ahmed Omar tweeted, “The demonstrations of the narrow quarters integrate with the new media and reach the world. The angry soil sprouts the satanic seeds thrown at it, and proper handling is not through denial and repression, but in political and economic confrontation.”

Khalil al-Miqdad wrote, “The beauty of the demonstrations # Egypt is that it has broken the barrier of fear and that it has been going on for days, even outside major cities and in relatively small numbers. This is an indication that people have reached a dead end and that they no longer have any choice but to go to the street. The chance is because it may not happen again. “

For his part, the Egyptian artist and contractor Mohamed Ali called on President El-Sisi to open public squares to the demonstrators. He also demanded – in a video he posted on his Facebook page – for the release of detainees, a halt to the demolition of violating properties, and an immediate halt to the implementation of the reconciliation law.

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