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Compare it to Al-Jamal and Abu Trika … Khaled Youssef’s return is stirring up controversy on communication platforms in Egypt

The return of director Khaled Youssef to Egypt sparked a great controversy on social media, overwhelmed by comparison with the return of the journalist Gamal El-Gamal, who was arrested, and the football star Mohamed Abu Trika, who was unable to return to his country to bury his father.

Youssef returned to Egypt after a two-year absence to participate in the burial ceremony of his brother, knowing that he had left for France, amid rumors about his escape for fear of judicial verdicts.

The famous director was a supporter of the coup that was carried out by the current President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi on July 3, 2013 when he was Minister of Defense, as he suspended the constitution and dismissed the elected President Mohamed Morsi, and Youssef participated actively in the preparation for this coup, as he filmed the demonstrations that took place days before him and paved for him.

Yusef remained close to the new regime and became a member of Parliament, but he later began directing criticism especially for the suppression of freedoms in the country, and he also criticized the agreement signed by the authority with Saudi Arabia, according to which it ceded the strategic islands of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia.

After his position changed, video scenes were leaked showing Youssef in pornographic situations with emerging actresses, and he ended up leaving Egypt after news spread about his imminent arrest.

Two months ago, the Egyptian director expressed his intention to return to Egypt, while Egyptian newspapers quoted judicial sources that there are no prosecutions awaiting Youssef, and that he is not wanted pending any case.

It was reported that Youssef’s infection with Corona prevented him from leaving France in the past weeks, before finally arriving in Egypt for the funeral of his late brother to his final resting place.

Since his return, a great controversy has erupted on the communication sites about it and what may happen to him after that, and whether the authority will want to hold him accountable for his previous criticisms or will it treat him as a son of the regime and be satisfied with what happened to him in the last period.

Tweeters were also interested in a comparison between the authority’s position on allowing the former parliamentary director to return to burying his brother, despite the issue of the scandalous videos, while another famous figure, football star Mohamed Abu Trika, was unable to return to Egypt to bury his father.

Others compared Yusef with journalist Gamal al-Jamal, who was also a supporter of the current regime and then turned to criticize it, so he was prevented from writing so that he was forced to leave Egypt in mid-2017, and when he decided to return to it a few days ago, arrest was awaiting him upon his arrival at Cairo airport.

Source : Al-Jazeera + Sanad Agency + social networking sites

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