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Confidence first .. How smart women progress?


Successful and intelligent women in the labor market are regularly deprived of their rights due to various factors, such as working in a male-dominated region, which leads to underestimation of women and lower wages than men.

This is why women tend to demand more work and even higher standards compared to male co-workers, says writer Wendy Gonzalez Perez, in a report published in the Mexican magazine “soycarmin”.

Great skills however

According to experts, unlike boys, girls have problems with confidence, despite the great capabilities and talents that they possess, as is the case with intelligence.

Despite the remarkable skills that women possess in whatever field they work in, they usually suffer from the big problem of lack of confidence.

According to psychologist Heidi Grant Halvorson, women rarely realize that they are their own worst obstacle and enemy. Women are the worst judges when it comes to their abilities and the advantages they offer in any field. Women tend to judge their own capabilities more harshly and in a completely different way from men.

To understand the reasons behind this, it is necessary to go back in time to childhood and to identify the habits that cause such unfair judgments of value. That is why psychologist Heidi reviewed a study dating back to 1980 that analyzed the behavior of boys and girls in fifth grade.

The study has shown that there is generally no significant difference in mental abilities between women and men (Shutterstock)

The difference between a girl and a boy

Thanks to this study, it was discovered that girls develop a strange knot in terms of skills related to intelligence compared to boys, given that girls give up as soon as an obstacle blocks their way.

While the boys considered these obstacles a challenge to them, they did not give up the first time, but found that they represented a catalyst that would make them redouble their efforts instead of abandoning academic obstacles such as those they encounter in mathematics.

Girls develop a strange knot in terms of intelligence-related skills compared to boys (Shutterstock)

So why do girls feel so vulnerable to overcoming challenges?

Expert Heidi said that the answer to this question lies mainly in confidence. Girls inherently outperformed boys in routine academic activities, including important subjects in assessing IQ scores, such as math and science. The study demonstrated that there is generally no significant difference in the mental abilities of boys and girls.

How to interpret the difficulty

The only noticeable difference between the sexes is the issue of self-confidence and capabilities. For example, when faced with a difficult math equation, girls are the first to doubt their abilities and lose confidence in themselves. Conversely, the boys did not easily succumb to the stress or difficulty of problems as they had more confidence.

Intelligent women believe that their abilities are innate and immutable (Shutterstock)

This big difference is due to the fact that smart girls believe that their abilities are innate and immutable, while smart boys believe that they can develop skills through effort and practice. Because of this simple reason, smart girls lose confidence quickly when they cannot solve a problem on the first try.

Persevere first

Therefore, the intelligent and successful adult woman tends to judge herself very harshly when facing the first obstacle, because she hopes that her special abilities will push her forward.

According to psychologists, the ability, whether it is intelligence or success, does not depend on natural talent, but it develops with experience, effort, and above all with perseverance, as these elements provide confidence and make you not lose it easily.

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