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Congressional bill calling for the withdrawal of US forces from operations in Yemen

Thirteen US lawmakers from the Republican and Democratic parties joined the list of signatories to a bill calling on the US president to withdraw US forces from what they described as unauthorized hostile operations in Yemen.

The bill – which now bears the signature of 20 deputies from both parties – states that the unauthorized US military participation in Yemen has contributed to the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world.

The main bill calls for the withdrawal of US forces from hostilities against the Houthis in Yemen, no later than 30 days from the date of its adoption.

The bill also provides for the withdrawal of US forces participating in the work of leadership, coordination, movements, or accompanying Saudi or Emirati regular or irregular military forces in the context of operations against the Houthis.

But the bill excludes US forces that participate in, or associated with, operations against al-Qaeda. The bill was referred to the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives for consideration.

It is mentioned that passing the bill depends on its ratification within the next two weeks, otherwise it will be considered canceled This calls for re-introduction by members of the new House of Representatives.

Over the past year, Congress has witnessed efforts to stop US military support for the Saudi-Emirati coalition in Yemen, but these efforts did not succeed in adopting any draft resolution, and other attempts were made to stop Saudi Arabia selling American weapons due to their use in Yemen and civilian casualties, but they did not see the light. .

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