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Congressional police prepare to repel a possible militia attack

Capitol Police said they had obtained information indicating a possible plot by “specific militia” to storm the US Congress building on Thursday.

It stated in a statement issued today that it is cooperating with state and federal agencies to stop any threats to the Capitol (Congress compound), stressing that it is “aware and prepared” for any risks.

She said she takes this information very seriously, adding, “Due to the nature of this sensitive information, we cannot give further clarifications at this stage.”

This comes after some right-wing conspiracy theorists, including members of the QAnon movement, claimed that former President Donald Trump will be installed on March 4 (Thursday) as president for a second term despite his loss to Joe Biden.

And the Capitol Police assert that it has “increased security” since January 6, when hundreds of Trump supporters attacked the Congress headquarters while parliamentarians approved the victory of Democrat Joe Biden.

On Tuesday evening, the Capitol Police announced that they had “received disturbing intelligence related to March 4”.

Timothy Blodgett, in charge of Congressional Protocol and Security Services, sent a letter to Congressional parliamentarians on Monday to inform them that he is working closely with the police to monitor information on March 4 and possible demonstrations of what has been called “the real inauguration day.”

Until 1933, American presidents would be inaugurated on March 4, not January 20, as was customary.

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