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Congresswoman Rachida Tlaib poses in the Palestinian dress to take the constitutional oath

Muslim Congresswoman Rachida Tlaib made an appearance highlighting her Palestinian identity, and published a photo of her.In Palestinian dress“This morning, Monday, after being sworn in, a member of the US House of Representatives for a new term.

I am one of the first Muslim women and the first Palestinian woman, and I wanted to honor them by wearing Palestinian embroidered dress, Tlaib wrote, commenting on the photo she posted on her Instagram account.

The traditional Palestinian dress

Rashida Tlaib wore her traditional Palestinian dress during the ceremony of performing the constitutional oath in the US Congress two years ago on January 3, 2018, amid many events on this day that Rashida Tlaib – a Palestinian Muslim woman – will keep for herself and her people and for the outfit that mothers have embroidered with their hands and made of it. A picture floating around social networking sites and international newspapers spreading a Palestinian fabric that means a lot.

Tlaib began her election campaign in 2018 by posting a picture of a Palestinian dress with elaborate hand embroidery on her Instagram account, as the outfit she plans to wear while she is taking the oath in the US Congress, and she used the hashtag #PalestinianThobe and # ForMyYama, a photo that was met with great celebration by women in the Arab world. With racist criticism and comments.

The Palestinian Maqlouba

The US Congresswoman also appeared in a video clip celebrating the confirmation of the final results of Michigan for members of Congress in the Palestinian way, in the congressional elections that took place in late November.

The official account of Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the presidency published a video clip of Rachida offering the famous “upside down” Palestinian food to the dabkeh to celebrate the official approval of her membership with the vote of 5.5 million Americans.

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