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Continuous dialogue with Europe .. Turkish openness to the agreement on defining the economic zone with Egypt

Turkish Foreign Minister Yavuz Salim Kiran said that his country is open to dialogue with Egypt to conclude the exclusive economic zone agreement with it, stressing that continuing dialogue with Brussels is necessary for the future of the region.

In response to a question about whether defining an exclusive economic zone with Egypt is part of Turkey’s strategy in the region, Kiran said that his country is organizing a number of events with several countries bordering the Mediterranean, including Egypt. In order to define maritime spheres of influence.

He added that we have held a meeting with Egypt in this regard, and we are ready to hold other meetings, and are open to concluding an agreement to define the exclusive economic zone with it, and this matter is left to Cairo’s position.

This came during his participation via video technology in a conference on Ankara’s vision of justice and eastern Mediterranean cooperation, and its effects on the international system, organized by the Turkish Presidency’s Communication Department.

In the context of his remarks, the Turkish official expressed his hope that the summit of European Union leaders to be held next week in the Belgian capital Brussels would yield positive results towards continuing the dialogue between Turkey and the European Union.

He explained that cooperation between Turkey and the European Union will contribute positively to achieving security, stability and prosperity for the region.

Importance and tension

He added that the Eastern Mediterranean region has strategic importance, as it is a transit point to the Middle East and the African continent, and it is an important corridor for international trade.

He indicated that his country wants to turn the eastern Mediterranean into a zone of cooperation, despite the instability surrounding this region.

For his part, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis appealed to Turkey to find a diplomatic solution to the tension between the two countries in the Eastern Mediterranean, hoping to build a partnership between the two neighbors.

“So let us meet and talk, and strive to find a solution acceptable to both parties, and give diplomacy a chance,” Mitsotakis said, addressing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly.

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