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Corona … 12 million infections in America and the adoption of a drug that Trump is treating, and Britain does not intend to extend the closure

The Johns Hopkins University website announced that infection with the Corona virus has exceeded the 12 million mark in the United States, amid fears of the collapse of the health system in some states.

The injuries in the United States – the most affected country in the world – reached 12 million and 19 thousand and 960 cases, according to this census, as for the deaths, they reached 255 thousand and 414 cases, and this new toll came only 6 days after this country crossed the 11 million threshold.

Meanwhile, the authorities in the state of California, from tonight, begin to impose a curfew, after infection with the Corona virus recorded records, while Los Angeles County threatened to take more strict measures to confront the pandemic.

And the California Department of Public Health announced 15,442 new infections, which is more than two thousand more than the state record.

Despite the warnings … a million travelers in America

Despite calls by public health experts in the United States not to travel, approximately one million and 20 thousand people traveled Friday through various airports in the country, according to the US Transportation Security Administration.

The administration’s data indicate that this number is the second highest number of travelers since the beginning of the Corona pandemic in mid-March.

The highest number recorded for travelers in the United States was last October 17, when it exceeded one million and 30 thousand.

Last Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued instructions advising against travel to celebrate Thanksgiving, amid fears of the spread of the virus in the country.

Britain .. No extension of the lockdown

On the other hand, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce – tomorrow, Monday – that the closure imposed in England for a period of 4 weeks to confront the emerging corona virus will not be extended beyond the date of December 2, according to what his office said Saturday.

The Prime Minister’s Office added in a statement that the closure will be followed by a return to a set of 3 levels of local restrictions, as part of a plan developed by the government to confront the virus during the winter season.

The official announcement on this is expected on Monday.

Earlier this month, a 4-week national lockdown was imposed in England, forcing residents to stay at home and businesses to close, due to a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Greece, health services recorded 108 deaths related to the Corona virus on Saturday, which is a daily record as hospitals in the north of the country faced pressure, as intensive care beds were filled as a result of the increase in cases of Covid-19.

In Portugal, Prime Minister Antonio Costa said – on Saturday – that his country will ban domestic travel and close schools near two upcoming holidays, in an attempt to limit the spread of the Corona virus before Christmas.

And outside the European continent, the Canadian authorities announced – yesterday, Saturday – the imposition of a complete closure in the city of Toronto and a large part of its suburb, as of Monday, due to the increase in infections with the Corona virus.

And Doug Ford, Prime Minister of Ontario, said – in a press conference – that the situation is very dangerous and requires taking other necessary measures to prevent a worse scenario, according to Canadian “CTV News”.

He added that the closure will take effect in Toronto and the Peel area from November 23, and will continue for at least 28 days.

A dangerous situation in Iraq

The Iraqi Ministry of Health warned citizens of the danger of not adhering to the instructions and preventive measures related to the Coronavirus, and said in a statement that the situation is dangerous and calls for great concern, especially with the entry of winter.

She indicated that those infected with the virus previously did not acquire immunity from the disease, confirming that several cases were recorded in the world and Iraq indicating the return of symptoms of the disease again after several weeks of recovery from it.

Adopting a drug

On the other hand, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted yesterday, Saturday, emergency approval to use a treatment for Covid-19 developed by the biotechnology company “Regeneron” and was used specifically to treat US President Donald Trump.

“Allowing these monoclonal antibody therapies could allow patients to avoid hospitalization and reduce the burden on our healthcare system,” said FDA official Stephen Hahn.

He was given the green light to treat Regenon – called “REGEN-COV2”, which is a combination of two antibodies, after it was shown to reduce cases of Covid-19 that require hospitalization or emergency rooms.

Regeneron CEO Leonard Schleifer said that this constitutes “an important step in the fight against Covid-19, as patients at high risk in the United States will be able to obtain a promising treatment early in the course of infection.”

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