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Corona … 3 thousand deaths in one day in America and Pompeo in quarantine, and Europe fears a new wave during Christmas

The daily number of Corona virus deaths in the United States exceeded 3 thousand for the third time within a week, while the World Health Organization warned of a “great risk” for the return of the Corona virus to spread early next year in Europe.

On Tuesday, America recorded 3102 deaths, the third highest since the start of the pandemic, which raised the total number of deaths in the United States to 304,187, according to a Reuters count.

The total number of people infected with Coronavirus reached 16.7 million, which is equivalent to about 5% of the population.

In turn, the authorities have expanded the vaccination program among doctors, nursing staff and other front-line workers in the health sector, as well as residents and workers in care homes.

US officials are seeking to receive 2.9 million doses of the vaccine by the end of the week, but it may take several months to make the vaccine available for citizens to obtain on demand.

As of today noon, the number of Corona patients in the world exceeded 73 million and 904 thousand, of whom more than one million and 644 thousand died, and more than 51 million and 902 thousand recovered, according to the “Worldmeter” website.

Christmas frightens Europe

In Europe, several countries imposed a series of new restrictions to stop the spread of Corona, while the World Health Organization warned today, Wednesday, of a “great risk” for the virus to spread again in Europe, during the Christmas season.

The European branch of the organization said in a statement that, by following the development of the Corona epidemic in Europe, there is a great risk of a new outbreak in the first weeks and months of 2021.

The organization recommended “wearing masks and maintaining social distancing during the celebrations at the end of this year.”

In turn, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced that the vaccination campaign against Corona will begin in the countries of the European Union after the approval of the first vaccine dose within a week.

She added during a plenary session before the European Parliament that all 27 European Union countries will be able to start vaccination campaigns against Corona on the same day.

Germany is pressing the European Union to grant the necessary licenses for the vaccine, the alliance “Pfizer-BioNTech”, to be available for use on December 23 instead of December 29 of the same month.

Germany is witnessing a second severe wave of the Corona pandemic, after which it began today, the application of a strict closure of public life throughout the country, which ends on January 10.

In Berlin, residents flocked to shops and queued in the city center to buy Christmas essentials before the lockdown.

In Britain, bars, restaurants and hotels in London were forced to close on Wednesday for the third time since the outbreak began. The Bar Association, Emma McLarkin, said it was a “new nail” in the bar’s coffin.

In Denmark, the partial isolation measures in effect in two-thirds of the country (closing supplementary schools, high schools, bars, restaurants, sports centers and cultural venues) will expand to all parts of the country on Wednesday. On Tuesday, the authorities recorded a record rise in the number of injuries within 24 hours in the Kingdom – which has a population of 5.8 million – to exceed 116,000 cases.

In the Netherlands, the lockdown for a period of 5 weeks went into effect Tuesday until January 19. For its part, France – where the number of injuries continues to rise – imposed a permanent curfew that will be in effect from eight in the evening until six in the morning every night, including New Year’s, except for Christmas Eve only. Bars, restaurants, theaters, auditoriums, cinemas and museums have remained closed since the end of last October.

In Spain, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez described the situation as “worrying” due to the large increase in injuries in recent days, and he did not rule out tightening restrictions on the occasion of Christmas.

Dozens of deaths in the Arab world

In the Arab world, the Sultanate of Oman announced today, Wednesday, 5 deaths and 116 cases of Coronavirus, in addition to the recovery of 231 patients from the virus.

In the UAE, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 4 deaths and 1278 cases of corona, in addition to the recovery of 726 patients.

In Palestine, the Ministry of Health said that it had recorded 26 deaths, and 2525 new cases of Coronavirus, during the past (24) hours.

The ministry added, in a statement that reached Anadolu Agency, that it had recorded 16 deaths in the West Bank (including one death in East Jerusalem), and 10 deaths in the Gaza Strip.

In turn, Tunisia announced today, Wednesday, that it had recorded 41 deaths and 1,483 cases of coronavirus, in addition to the recovery of 919 patients.

In Algeria, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 14 deaths and 466 cases of corona, as well as the recovery of 419 patients.

Pompeo and Lieberman are in quarantine

In a related context, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo entered a stone after contact with a person infected with the Coronavirus, according to a US State Department spokesman announced today, Wednesday.

The spokesman added that Pompeo had performed a test and the result was negative, indicating that Pompeo’s entry into stone came following the instructions of the CDC, and said that he is under the supervision of a team of doctors affiliated with the ministry.

Avigdor Lieberman, head of the “Israel Our Home” party, also entered quarantine, after it was confirmed that his son was infected with the Corona virus, according to what the Israeli newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” reported on Wednesday.

The newspaper said, “Lieberman will be subject to quarantine until next Friday, after he met 8 days ago, his son, who was confirmed to be infected with the virus.”

Lieberman is currently a member of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) for the “Israel Our Home” party, which he heads, and he has previously held many ministerial positions in Israel, including defense, foreign affairs, energy and transportation.

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