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Corona … a million deaths and 37 million injured worldwide

The new Corona virus (Covid-19) continued to claim more victims and infected people around the world, as the number of deaths exceeded one million people on Saturday, while the total number of infected people approached 37 million.

According to a toll published by the French Press Agency today, the virus has killed at least one million 69 thousand and 29 people in the world since it appeared in China last December, and more than 36 million and 934 thousand and 770 infections were recorded.

More than 10 million cases have been counted in Latin America, which is the most affected region in the world in terms of the number of injuries and deaths.

The United States is the most affected country in the world in terms of the number of deaths (213,777), followed by Brazil (149,639), India (107,416), Mexico (83,507), and Britain (42,679).

Record high, Czech
In Europe – where the virus has spread strongly over the past weeks – the Czech Republic recorded for 4 consecutive days a record high in the number of daily cases, which may prompt the authorities to impose isolation measures again.

In Germany, many major cities imposed curfews, particularly restaurants in Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt, and restrictions on social events were also imposed.

In Poland – which also records a record high number of injuries – wearing a muzzle has become mandatory in public places throughout the country.

In France, the health authorities did not rule out the possibility of imposing a local lockdown “if the need arises,” and today 4 cities in the East and North (Lyon, Grenoble, Saint-Etienne and Lille) were put on high alert on Saturday, which means imposing new restrictions.

And in England, mayors in the north of the country have expressed their anger, as the government prepares to impose a new lockdown system that opponents see will increase pressure on the poorest workers.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is scheduled to review the new system on Monday, in light of the high rate of injuries, especially in the north of the country, and the total death toll to more than 42,000, which is basically the worst in Europe.

In North Korea, leader Kim Jong Un announced that his country is free of HIV infections, during a huge military parade marking the 75th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Workers’ Party in the country, and no one in the audience wore a muzzle, but the number of viewers was less than the usual in Kim Square. Il Sung.

No one in the audience was wearing a muzzle during the huge military parade in North Korea (Reuters)

In Iran, President Hassan Rouhani announced the imposition of financial fines on violators of health measures to prevent the virus in Tehran, in light of the high number of infections and deaths that the country has witnessed in the recent period.

And the fine – which will be imposed on people infected with the virus who refuses to quarantine or institutions and employees who do not respect safety protocols – may extend to other cities in the country if necessary.

In Brazil, the country is expected to exceed the threshold of 150,000 deaths due to the virus, nearly 8 months after the first case of the disease appeared on its soil, while the daily death toll continues to slowly decline.

This large country – which has a population of 212 million people – records the largest number of deaths from the epidemic in the world after the United States, with 149,639 deaths, and 5 million 55,888 injuries, according to the latest toll announced by the Ministry of Health on Friday evening.

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