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Corona … a pandemic with unforeseen positive effects

The Corona pandemic created what was not even considered by science fiction movies!

Empty cities, deserted airports and schools, suspended flights and travel bans for travelers, closed restaurants and cafes, in an unprecedented global experience with repercussions that were not all negative, as there were positive effects, we know here about some of them:

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions

Traffic and the use of vehicles of all kinds are the second largest cause of air pollution after emissions from industrial activities, and they represent a quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions.

Quarantine measures around the world against the background of the Corona pandemic, have reduced air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions at the highest rate ever recorded in history, according to a report in Deutsche Welle.

Reduced nitrogen oxide emissions

In February of this year, pictures of the US Space Agency (NASA) taken by satellites over the upper atmosphere in China, showed how the level of air pollution there decreased after the imposition of quarantine due to the Corona pandemic.

NASA images showed a decrease in nitrogen oxide levels, after a record decline in Chinese factory activity, after manufacturers stopped production as part of efforts to contain the virus.

Nitrogen oxide is a harmful gas emitted from vehicle engines and industrial facilities, and even lower levels were observed in areas near the epicenter of the virus in Wuhan.

Prevent mortality

Jos Lelieveld, director of the Max-Planck Institute for chemistry, told the Wiesen.di website of the German NDA network (April 29, 2020) – according to Deutsche Welle. We estimate that about 7,400 premature deaths and 6,600 childhood asthma cases were avoided in the first two weeks of the quarantine procedures. “

Lilyfield is one of the authors of a study that evaluated data from satellites and more than 10,000 measurement stations in 27 countries, including various European countries such as Germany and Spain, but also from China, India and Chile.

A study conducted by researchers from Indian and Chinese universities – according to Deutsche Welle – concluded that the annual death toll in India will decrease by 650,000 people if the current air purity ratios are maintained.

In the same context, another study showed that the significant reduction in air pollution caused by the closure measures would save the lives of 11 thousand people in Europe, according to the study conducted by the Energy and Air Research Center and transmitted by “Deutsche Welle”.

The study’s chief researcher, Lori Millivirta, said that the effect of measures against the emerging corona virus “is similar in many regions of the world.”

In China, for example, concentrations of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter in the air decreased by 25% and 40%, respectively, during the tighter lockdown phase. “Therefore, more deaths could also be avoided,” Meliverta added.

Experts believe that air pollution around the world reduces the average life expectancy of 3 years, and causes 8.8 million premature deaths each year.

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