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Corona … a record high, Russia and Germany are pumping billions to develop two thousand hospitals, and a Republican official avoids the White House

The rate of infection with the Coronavirus is increasing rapidly in a number of countries, while the total number of infections worldwide has reached 36 million and more than 800 thousand cases, of whom more than one million and 67 thousand have died, and more than 27 million have recovered.

The United States leads the world in terms of the number of HIV cases, followed by India, Brazil, Russia and Colombia, followed by Argentina, Spain and Peru, then Mexico, France and South Africa, then the United Kingdom, Iran and Chile.

In India, which is witnessing one of the worst waves of HIV infection in the world, the total number of confirmed cases reached 6.84 million, while the number of deaths from HIV infection reached more than 105,000, and about 5.83 million recovered.

Record high in Russia

In Russia, the Moscow authorities are considering closing bars and nightclubs to stop the spread of a new wave of Corona virus, while the daily number of new cases in Russia jumped today, Friday, to the highest level since the start of the pandemic.

Today, Russia registered 12,126 new cases, bringing the total number to one million and more than 272,000.

The Russian authorities advised people to stay at home during the weekend, but at present there is no general isolation, and the Kremlin said that there are now no plans to impose such isolation.

Significant increase in injuries in Paris

On Thursday, the regional health agency in Paris and its neighboring towns launched the “enhanced white plan” and asked all hospitals and clinics to “mobilize their resources” in anticipation of a “large influx” of new patients with COVID-19.

Agency director Aurelian Rousseau said it was a “big decision” which “means a mobilization of all our forces on the battlefield, because we expect a large range” of casualties.

This mechanism to confront the crisis means canceling employees’ activities in these facilities, redeploying them, and even summoning employees from leave if necessary.

Madrid health emergency

In Spain, the government, in its extraordinary meeting held in the middle of the day today, Friday, ratified the declaration of a state of health emergency in the Madrid region.

This decision comes after the High Court of Justice of the Region of Madrid canceled, yesterday, Thursday, measures to restrict freedom of movement in the region that had been imposed by the Ministry of Health at the beginning of the week with the aim of containing the high rates of infection with the Coronavirus in the Spanish capital and 9 cities in the region of Madrid.

On the other hand, the German Council of States (Bundesrat) approved today, Friday, the injection of government investments in the billions in about two thousand hospitals in Germany.

Under the new law, which was approved by the Federal Parliament (Bundestag) in the middle of last month, the German government will pump investments worth 3 billion euros, so that hospitals can provide better care for emergency patients, as well as move forward with digitalization and improve the information security of hospitals.

The German states will contribute an additional 1.3 billion euros.

Republican official avoids the White House

While the debate intensifies in Washington over the repercussions of the infection of President Donald Trump and a number of his close associates with the virus, the prominent Republican official in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell, an ally of Donald Trump, announced that he had avoided going to the White House since the beginning of August due to the lack of adequate measures against the Corona virus. .

Since the US President tested positive for Covid-19 a week ago, the White House has appeared as a major source of infection with the virus.

Banned in Oman, and a Palestinian official was injured

At the Arab level, official media reported that the Sultanate of Oman will re-impose a night curfew and close shops and public places overnight between 11 and 24 October to help contain the Corona virus.

The restrictions are in effect from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. local time. And official media, citing the decision of the Supreme Council responsible for combating Corona, said that the beaches of the Gulf state will also be closed until further notice.

In Palestine, the PLO announced on Thursday evening that the chief Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat, had been infected with the emerging coronavirus.

The Palestine Liberation Organization said in a statement that Erekat – one of the most prominent Palestinian figures – “was infected with Covid-19, adding that he took a break from his obligations in light of these circumstances.

An Israeli military commander was wounded

In Israel, a news report today, Friday, reported that the commander of a large Israeli army base in the south of the country was infected with the new Corona virus, but the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation did not disclose the name or rank of the infected commander.

The authority said – according to the German news agency – that the Israeli base flouted the instructions of the Ministry of Health there, and yesterday, Thursday, many of its soldiers were photographed without masks, and they did not maintain social distancing.

Israel imposed a second closure on September 18 for a period of 3 weeks due to the high number of cases of corona.

3 million migrants stranded

On the other hand, the United Nations said Friday that more than 2.7 million immigrants who want to return to their homes are stranded abroad due to the “Covid-19” epidemic, calling for international action to address this crisis.

And the International Organization for Migration considered that the world must act quickly to allow these people to return in a safe manner despite the restrictions imposed by the “Covid-19” epidemic.

In a report, the organization warned that border closures and travel bans prevented the return of a large number of migrants to their countries of origin, due to the measures linked to the epidemic.

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