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Corona, America, Biden complains of withholding the information, and Trump’s team pledges to quickly distribute the vaccine

US President-elect Joe Biden said that his transitional team does not have sufficient information about the Corona virus, at a time when President Donald Trump’s anti-virus team pledged to quickly distribute the vaccine to Americans if it is available and approved.

Biden said during a press conference in Delaware that he discussed with the Executive Committee of the Association of State Governors to work on providing the Corona vaccine and distributing it in a transparent manner.

Biden added, “Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to see information related to tests or treatments and vaccines and their distribution plan, or to obtain information about the production and distribution process, but we will take the information we learned from the rulers to prepare our response to the Corona virus.”

Biden described the Donald Trump administration’s handling of events in the country as a state of great irresponsibility and messages that harm the reputation of the United States and its democracy in the world.

The US President-elect stressed that he would not impose a comprehensive national lockdown to curb the spread of the virus, despite the new epidemic boom that the country has been witnessing a few weeks ago, and pledged to follow the advice of scientists directly after taking office on January 20.

Press conference of US Vice President Michael Pence (Reuters)


On the other hand, US Vice President Mike Pence described his country’s readiness to deal with the Corona pandemic that it had never been this effective, and he acknowledged a significant increase in the number of infected people in the United States.

He said during a White House press conference that confirmed cases of corona in the United States increased during the past 30 days, jumping from 5% to 10%.

The US Vice President added that “as soon as the Food and Drug Administration decides the safety of a vaccine, our system is ready to start distributing it within 24 hours.”

For his part, the Director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and Allergy, Anthony Fauci, said that the speed of work on the production of vaccines against Corona virus did not come at the expense of safety standards and scientific integrity.

Fauci, during his participation in the team conference on combating the Corona virus at the White House, assured the Americans that an independent team of experts would review the data on vaccines.

Fauchi added that there is an independent body of specialists who do not have any biases or loyalties, neither to the US administration, nor to companies or others, that review the data that will be carefully verified by the Food and Drug Administration, and based on an advisory committee that will study the data before the FDA takes. Its decision to start using.

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