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Corona … America is preparing to license the vaccine and announces the infection of Trump’s son and a partial closure in Canada

The US Department of Health expected that the new Corona virus vaccine would receive emergency approval to begin distribution within weeks, and it was also announced that Donald Trump, the eldest son of the US President, had been infected, while the most crowded areas in the Canadian province of Ontario were preparing to close.

The US Secretary of Health Alex Azar said that Pfizer has applied for permission from the Food and Drug Agency to use the Coronavirus vaccine that it has developed, expressing He expects that the agency will issue a decision within weeks, and that millions of doses of doses will be distributed immediately after that.

This came after the American company Pfizer and German (BioNTech) announced – yesterday, Friday – that they will submit an application for emergency licensing, to be the first manufacturers to take this step in the United States, after experiments conducted on 44 thousand volunteers showed the effectiveness of their vaccine by 95% in Prevention of the virus without serious side effects.

The US government expects to give the green light to the vaccine during the first two weeks of next December, and it is also expected that the American company Moderna – which also produced an effective vaccine – will submit a license application.

The epidemic in America
And in Washington, a spokesman for Donald Trump Jr, 42, said that he had tested positive this week, although he was not showing any symptoms, and he was “being quarantined in his room.”

Barron Trump, the president’s youngest son, had the same disease in October, and the president and his wife Melania also contracted it before the presidential election, which he lost to Democrat Joe Biden.

Andrew Giuliani, son of Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, said he had tested positive on Friday.

The United States is the country most affected by the virus in terms of the number of deaths and injuries, as the number of confirmed infections in it has reached more than 12 million, which is nearly a fifth of the total number of infections in the world, and the number of deaths in it exceeds 260 thousand.

And the capacity of hospitals in some American states has become insufficient, as the volunteer Corona Watch Project stated that the number of cases that entered hospitals Thursday reached 80,700, which is the highest number since the beginning of the epidemic, and hospital admissions increased during the past week by 19.13% Compared to the week before.

The University of Washington expects that the country will record more than 2,300 deaths per day until December 18.

Donald Trump Jr. works with his brothers in managing Trump’s business ventures (Reuters)

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On Saturday morning, the number of Corona patients around the world is close to 58 million, of whom more than one million and 377 thousand have died, and more than 40 million and 108 thousand have recovered, according to the World Meter website.

India ranks second in terms of affected, after the United States, where the number of injured exceeds 9 million, and the number of deaths reaches 132,764.

In Brazil, the Ministry of Health stated that confirmed injuries exceeded 6 million injuries on Friday, becoming the third country in the world to exceed this number.

According to Reuters, Iraq comes at the top of the Arab countries in terms of the number of injuries, with a total of more than 531,000 injured, followed by Saudi Arabia with more than 354,000, and Morocco with more than 316,000.

On the other hand, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he would urge other G20 leaders to take more ambitious measures to defeat the pandemic, during the virtual summit that begins today in Saudi Arabia.

And the Prime Minister of the Canadian province of Ontario, Doug Ford, announced the imposition of the closure in the city of Toronto and in a large part of its suburbs (Peel District), as of Monday, and said in a press conference, “I was clear about this: The situation is very dangerous and requires more measures.”

By this, all internal private gatherings of more than 10 people will be banned, beauty treatment centers, hairdressing salons, sports training halls and casinos will be closed, and restaurants and non-essential stores will be restricted to delivery requests, while schools are kept open.

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