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Corona and the numbers game … is it an immediate danger or an exaggerated conspiracy?

Doctor Alaeddin Al-Ali confirmed that, throughout history, no disease or epidemic has been exploited, as happened with the Corona virus in the world in recent months, and he insisted that the seriousness of the virus is something that has been exaggerated.

In statements to the episode (10/13/2020) of the program “The Opposite Direction”, the Istanbul-based doctor refused to believe what he called the numbers game, which he said is being used to intimidate people, to the point that many people are turning to psychiatrists after the horror that befell them from imminent fear. Which is carried by the Corona virus.

Although Al-Ali did not question the validity of the numbers announced by countries on the number of infections with the Coronavirus, but he indicated that only 15% of those infected with Corona are considered virus patients and deserve treatment in hospitals, based on figures from specialized international centers that also confirmed that only 8% Those who are hospitalized are referred to intensive care, as for the majority, they have minor symptoms with which they can go about their lives normally.

Confirming the correctness of his words, he said that most of those who are infected with the virus are discovered by chance, and when they conduct the examination for the purposes of travel and not because disease symptoms appeared on them, stressing that for every disease there is a percentage of deaths, and he said that doctors realize that the death rate among Corona patients is not They are unnatural and not as scary as they are portrayed to the world.

In turn, the doctor and researcher Maan Abu Hosse rejected the viewpoint calling for reducing the risk of Corona, and although he emphasized that a small percentage of those infected with the virus deserve treatment in hospitals, but he considered that this percentage is threatened by an increase, and in a way that countries in the future may be unable to provide beds and devices Breathing for the sick and injured.

Abu Hosah stressed the need for people to adhere to all measures that prevent further outbreaks of the disease, pointing to the large numbers that were recorded in most countries of the world during the second wave, which also witnessed an increase in the number of deaths.

He rejected the doctor’s statement that the Corona virus has become a “new ISIS with a viral flavor” that is being used to terrorize people, stressing that it is the conspiracy theory that some believe in regarding Corona that has led to the increase in the number of people infected and dead with the virus.

Abu Hosah asked: If Corona was a conspiracy, who would benefit from it in light of the huge economic losses that afflicted most countries of the world?

He pointed out that the United States has lost more than 16 trillion dollars so far, and its unemployment rates have increased, and its economy has shrunk in unprecedented rates, as does the European Union, China, the aviation sector, tourism and others.

Abu Hosah also rejected Al-Ali’s saying that whoever will manufacture the vaccine will be the beneficiary, stressing that this is a response to him, pointing to the decline or stability of the shares of international pharmaceutical companies since the beginning of the Corona crisis, in exchange for fictional profits made by companies in other fields.

He wondered whether the United States would be satisfied with incurring more losses than it paid in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, so that a pharmaceutical company would achieve $ 200 billion.

Abu Hosah asserted that if the vaccine was a “cash spigot” for the companies that manufacture it, these companies and their affiliated countries would have a monopoly on the drug, not allowing many countries of the world to manufacture and distribute it to their citizens.

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