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Corona .. Dubai closes cafes and restaurants, and Chinese police stop a gang to manufacture fake vaccines

The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, announced that the number of Coronavirus infections in the world continues to decline for the third week in a row, while Dubai announced the closure of restaurants and cafes to contain the virus, which has accelerated its spread in the UAE recently.

And Ghebreyesus said at a press conference in Geneva that this decrease gives rise to hope.

In turn, the director of the American National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, said that “no hospitalizations or deaths were recorded as a result of receiving the Corona vaccine.”

He added in a press conference at the White House that everyone needs to be vaccinated with the vaccines that are currently available, even if the virus develops in new formulas.

Dubai is fighting the spread of the virus

In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai announced on Monday the closure of restaurants and cafes until the end of February, as part of efforts to contain the Corona virus, which has accelerated its spread in the UAE recently.

A statement reported by the Emirates News Agency stated that the measure, which will come into effect on Tuesday, was taken after “it was evident through the daily follow-up reports a noticeable increase in the number of violations of non-compliance with the preventive measures announced and recommended by the concerned authorities.”

The emirate’s authorities also decided to reduce the number of audiences in cinemas, shows, activities, and entertainment and sporting events inside halls and closed places by 50%, in addition to requiring hotel establishments not to exceed 70% of the total occupancy of the facility at the same time.

While other tourist destinations impose strict restrictions to contain the health crisis, Dubai decided to keep its ports open to foreign travelers.

The UAE recently recorded a record daily toll of more than 4 thousand cases of corona, which prompted Dubai to tighten restrictions imposed to contain the epidemic.

The Fake Vaccine Gang

In a related context, official media reported that the Chinese police had arrested more than 80 people who were making fake vaccines for Corona, as China was racing against time to vaccinate millions before the Lunar New Year holiday.

Since last September, the gang has been packing salt water in bottles and selling it as Corona vaccines, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

The agency added that police raided many sites across Beijing and in several cities in the eastern Jiangsu and Shandong regions, and seized more than 3,000 fake Corona virus vaccines.

He did not disclose the number of vaccines sold, but the police were able to track where they arrived.

As China ramped up its vaccination campaign, authorities have repeatedly confirmed the safety and efficacy of their vaccine, although they have not released any data on clinical trials.

The Chinese authorities approved the vaccine for the state-owned company, Sinopharm, for public use last December.

Today, Tuesday, official data showed that China recorded the lowest number of new infections with the Corona virus in a month, indicating the decline of the worst spread in the country since March 2020.

The National Health Committee said in a statement that it had recorded 30 injuries on the mainland yesterday, Monday, down from 42 the previous day, which is the lowest number of injuries since 24 injuries were recorded on the second of the previous January.

Egypt .. Corona kills 357 doctors

In Egypt, the Doctors Syndicate announced yesterday, Monday, the death of 3 doctors as a result of infection with the Coronavirus, which raised the total number of deaths among doctors to 357 deaths.

The Syndicate mourned in separate data, through its Facebook account, the death of 3 doctors in Corona, namely, the doctor at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Essam Fouad, the consultant of anesthesia at the National Heart Institute (government) Hoda Hafez, and a member of the Doctors Syndicate in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate (north) Muhammad Kamal.

The Syndicate did not mention the number of injured doctors or the total deaths and injuries among medical staff across the country.

On January 29, the Egyptian Minister of Health, Hala Zayed, announced, in a statement, that 1,315 medical teams had received the first dose of the anti-virus vaccine in 22 isolation hospitals throughout the country.

Egypt is witnessing a remarkable increase in the rate of HIV infections, as, as of Sunday evening, it recorded 165,951 cases, including 9316 deaths, and 129,636 cases of recovery.

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