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Corona exacerbated the crisis … these are the reasons for the migration of nursing teams from Iran

“Immigration is not limited to the nursing staff in Iran, but also includes pilots, technicians and doctors,” this was revealed recently by MP Jaafar Qadri, a member of the Planning and Budget Committee in the Iranian Parliament, and he attributes the reason to the low standard of living for these groups, compared to their counterparts in some foreign countries.

Qadri criticized the government of President Hassan Rouhani for not paying attention to the livelihood of the medical teams during the past months, stressing in press statements that the phenomenon of the emigration of medical teams has become a natural matter in light of the decline in purchasing power and inflation in the country, which means the continuation of immigration to foreign countries that enjoy prosperity and where salaries exceed the level Citizen entered Iran.

To find out the causes and repercussions of the migration of nursing teams in Iran, Al-Jazeera Net toured a number of visa and immigration offices north of the capital, Tehran, and surveyed the opinions of two people intending to emigrate abroad.

The nursing profession is fraught with risks, especially after the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Iranian press)

good life

After leaving one of the immigration offices near Wank Square north of the capital, Tehran, the 36-year-old nurse Fariba, 36, expressed her joy that she was close to joining many of her former colleagues who immigrated to Canada after the outbreak of the Corona virus, adding that her husband Saeed was initially opposed to The reason behind her late emigration with her colleagues.

Although the nursing profession is fraught with risks, especially after the outbreak of the Corona virus, workers in Iranian government hospitals are paid very low wages, according to Fariba, who told Al-Jazeera Net that the nursing teams in Iran suffer from discrimination in wages compared to doctors who earn tens of times their salary. Pathogen.

Referring to the widespread outbreak of the epidemic among nurses in the Iranian medical system, the nurse said that she and her husband, the nurse Saeed, had lost dozens of their colleagues due to infection with the virus, stressing that had it not been for the official disregard to meet the demands of the nursing teams to improve wages and provide them with real protection from infection, her husband would not have accepted to leave dullness.

As for Saeed, 40, he seemed sad to leave his country, which is in dire need of the angels for rescue, as he put it, and he told Al-Jazeera Net that the continued pace of the migration of nurses poses a great danger to the medical system in Iran. He adds that he was forced to emigrate, after he became unable to provide a decent life for his children, in light of escalating inflation, high prices, and sometimes months of delay in receiving the salary.

Potential disaster

Upon returning to the Visa and Immigration Office, it became clear that the number of Iranians wishing to emigrate outside the country is increasing, and that the nursing teams constitute the lion’s share of the office’s customers, whose secretary, Khanem Fatimi, confirmed that European countries are the main destination for nurses’ migration, followed by North America, then Australia. .

The medical apparatus throughout the Islamic Republic has been facing a severe shortage of nursing cadres for years, which prompted the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Nursing Department in the capital, Tehran, Armin Zareian, to send warning messages to both President Rouhani’s government and the Iranian Parliament’s Health Committee. Of a possible great disaster due to the decline in the number of nursing teams as a result of the continuous migration, but these shouts of his have not yet fallen on deaf ears, he said.

Zareian revealed – in a press statement to the Iranian media – that hospitals and other medical centers in Tehran need at least 7,000 nurses, especially in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus and the infection of many of them with the epidemic, which contributed to the exhaustion of the cadres working on the front line to combat the pandemic .

Numbers and numbers

Zareian says that the Nursing Department in the capital, Tehran, recently recorded more than a thousand requests from its cadres to immigrate, especially to European countries, which, since the outbreak of Corona, have provided incentives, including removing the language proficiency requirement to attract nurses.

Zareian concluded that the migration of the nursing teams, along with the retirement of 50 thousand other people, will negatively affect the health care of Corona epidemic patients.

In the context, the head of the Iranian Nurses Syndicate, Muhammad Sharifi, described the presenter of the emigration of the nursing teams as a new, old topic, confirming in a brief press statement that between 400 and 600 nurses were leaving the country during the past years, but it is certain that this number has increased recently and may reach a thousand Almost without going into the statistics.

He accused the medical system in his country of not being fair to the nurses, cutting their wages and submitting them to the doctors for their control over the Iranian Ministry of Health, according to Sharifi.

The media advisor to the Iranian Ministry of Health, Ali Reza Wahabzadeh, refused to answer Al Jazeera Net’s question about the number of Corona victims among the Iranian medical teams, but Hamshahri newspaper wrote in a report that the number of injuries among the nursing teams reached 35,000, which doubled their migration to 5 times.

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