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Corona … France records the first infection with the British mutation and the European Union begins vaccination tomorrow

On Friday, the French Ministry of Health announced the registration of the first infection with the emerging corona virus that appeared in Britain, while on Sunday, the European Union countries begin vaccination against the Corona virus, which forced restaurants in the United States to close their doors.

The ministry said in a statement that the patient is a French citizen residing in Britain and did not show symptoms of infection with Covid-19, and added that he returned from London on December 19, to find out after two days that he had the disease, noting that this is the first case of the new mutation of “Covid-19” is registered in France.

A study published Thursday via the Internet, but not yet published in a scientific journal, confirms that this new strain is more contagious than the old strains by a rate ranging between “50% and 74%”.

Germany had recorded the first infection with this mutation in a woman who arrived on a plane from London, and Lebanon recorded a similar injury in a person who also returned on a flight from London.

Yesterday, Friday, the French Ministry of Health announced the registration of 159 deaths, and 20 thousand and 262 new infections with the emerging corona virus, “Covid-19, during the last 24 hours.”

The virus has caused the death of one million and 743 thousand and 187 people in the world, and has infected more than 79 million and 300 thousand people since the outbreak of the disease at the end of December 2019, according to a census conducted by the French Press Agency on Friday.

Trucks are stuck in Britain before heading to France (Anadolu Agency)

Vaccination in Europe

Europe, which is the most affected in the world, has recorded more than 25 million cases of the emerging coronavirus, and the European Union is supposed to start vaccination campaigns on Sunday.

Europe was the first region to cross the threshold of half a million deaths by 17 December.

According to the World Health Organization, 61 vaccines have entered the human trials phase – 16 of them are in the last phase of trials – and on a parallel line, another 172 vaccines are being developed.

And Britain – where the new series was monitored – is among the countries that have recorded more than a thousand daily infections during the past seven days.

After announcing its discovery in the United Kingdom, fear prompted dozens of countries to cut off air, sea and land flights with it at the beginning of the week, causing chaos in the supply of some fresh goods to the country.

Thousands of drivers were stuck in Britain in the Dover region – the main British port on the English Channel – and spent Christmas in their trucks, then underwent a test for “Covid-19” and set off on their way back to their countries.

The British army has deployed 1,100 soldiers to the area to help carry out checks and distribute water and food.

Reimposition of stone

Despite the vaccination campaign in the European Union on Sunday, a quarantine was reintroduced in Austria, Ireland and Italy during the end-of-year holidays.

Italy, the country most affected by the virus (70,000 deaths), will be in stone until January 6, and it includes restrictions on movement.

Ireland and Austria live in a third stone, even though more than 400 ski stations are allowed to operate.

On Friday, Denmark closes its non-essential stores, and new measures will take effect in Quebec, including the compulsory work from home and the closure of non-essential stores until the 11th of next month.

In Latin America, Mexico, Chile and Costa Rica began vaccination campaigns after receiving the first batches of the first doses of the “Pfizer-BioNTech” vaccine.

Argentina has received the second country to license the use of the Russian vaccine, “Sputnik-V”, after Belarus, 300 thousand doses, and it is supposed to start vaccination next week.

America’s restaurants closed

The Corona pandemic forced restaurants in the United States of America, especially New York City, to close their doors due to preventive measures.

According to data announced by the National Restaurant Association in the United States, the number of restaurants that will close their doors until the end of this year in the country reaches 100,000.

And the closure of restaurants has serious repercussions on a wide range of restaurant workers, as it is estimated that the number of unemployed in this sector will reach 3 million people.

In economic terms, the losses of the restaurant sector in the United States, according to expectations, will reach 240 million dollars, and the famous New York restaurants will be forced to close their doors due to the very high rents of the shops.

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