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Corona hits the Egyptian football … Al-Ahly coach is the latest injured and the youth team is the most affected

Despite the low numbers announced by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population on infection rates with the Coronavirus; However, the virus has severely hit Egyptian football activities after it has infected many teams, teams, coaches, and even employees of the Egyptian Football Association.

South African Betsu Musimani, the coach of Al-Ahly, became the latest person to be infected with the virus after announcing his absence from his team’s match in front of Ghazl El-Mahalla, on Monday, in the Egyptian League; To prove his infection with Corona virus.

Musimani, since his arrival in Cairo last October, showed great interaction with Egyptian social activities, and appeared on more occasions without any precautionary measures, whether they were semi-official events. Such as celebrations to be honored by Wushoucha magazine, or social compliments; Such as his visit to a popular popular restaurant, and he appeared in the video published by the restaurant’s Facebook page without any precautionary measures.

The youth team is most affected
Musimani’s injury is not compared to the crisis of the Egyptian youth team, which is participating in the North African Championship that qualifies for the 2021 African Cup of Nations in Mauritania, after the results of medical swabs conducted by the team’s players proved that 17 of them were infected with the Corona virus, in addition to coach Rabi` Yassin.

All members of the mission conducted a second medical examination, which confirmed the injury of 14 players, along with the technical director. This prompted the Confederation of African Football Association (CAF) to approve the withdrawal of the Egyptian youth team from its first match in the tournament against Libya, and to consider it as a legal loser due to the incomplete list, according to the tournament list that states that there are 11 key players, including a goalkeeper and 4 substitutes. The lowest on the squad to play any qualifying match.

The Ministry of Youth announced the procedures for returning the team’s players to Egypt on a private plane before retreating under pressure from the players, who refused to withdraw from the tournament and demanded their support, and the Egyptian Federation decided to postpone the return and send new players to complete the team’s list, provided that the matter is re-evaluated after the team’s match. Coming in front of the Tunisian national team.

The FIFA door is unlocked
The headquarters of the Egyptian Football Association was not without injuries, as it was confirmed that 3 employees of the Office of the Players Affairs Committee in the Federation were infected with the virus, and the office was closed until further notice, similar to what happened in the accounts management earlier for the same reason, and Dr. Sahar Abdel-Haq, a member, was confirmed. The Tripartite Committee, and the General Supervisor of Women’s Football.

The union announced that all its employees must undergo an initial “rapid test”, with those whose samples appear positive to undergo a “PCR test”.

The five-year temporary committee, which runs the federation, announced that in the event of new infections appearing in the committees and departments, the attendance of the number of employees will be reduced, and strict measures will be taken regarding precautionary measures and preventive measures at the Federation headquarters.

It is noteworthy that Azmi Mujahid, a former media official at the Egyptian Federation, died of his infection with the Coronavirus, and the duo, Dr. Mahmoud Saad, the technical director of Jabalia, and Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, a member of the temporary five-year committee, were infected with the virus earlier, and recovered from it.

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