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Corona injuries 10 times that are officially announced

Amid fears of the outbreak of the second wave of Corona and the emergence of the new strain of the virus, which is faster than its predecessor, a member of the National Committee to confront Corona in Egypt said that the real number of Corona virus infections is “10 times the declared” officially, and that the second strain may already exist, while he denied The head of the commission appears in the country.

In televised statements, a member of the National Committee, Dr. Mohamed El-Nady, who specializes in chest diseases, said that the real number of Corona injuries in Egypt is 10 times higher than the advertiser, and we will be courteous as well, because this is the lowest estimate.

Yesterday, Sunday, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 664 new positive cases of Coronavirus, bringing the total number of infected people to 125,000, and announcing the death of 29 cases, bringing the total number of deaths to 7,098.

Conflict about the new breed

On concerns about the spread of the new strain of the virus that appeared in Britain and some countries, the club said, “If we conducted a genetic study of the Corona virus, we might find the new strain in Egypt.”

He added, “I think that the new strain is present in Egypt, and this is under observation, not study. We have not studied yet, but we notice this by monitoring patients and their relatives in the same place and the speed of spread, which are indicators that may indicate the presence of the strain in Egypt.”

He added that the new strain has existed for some time and it is known that the disease has become able to spread more, and this is what happened in Britain, where the number of infected people increased dramatically, to record in one day more than 27 thousand cases and about 500 deaths.

We have to pay attention

On the other hand, the head of the scientific committee to combat Corona, Dr. Husam Hosni, said, “Until this moment, we have not shown traces of the new strain of Corona virus that is spreading in Britain, but we have to pay close attention and be careful.”

In televised statements yesterday evening, Hosni said that the reason for the increase in cases is closed places, in addition to the spread of influenza in the winter, which helps the spread of Covid-19, adding, “But our Lord honored us that the strain in Egypt is good and merciful.”

In other statements during his speech in “Winar” organized by the Ministry of Health, Hosni said, “Egypt has 3 strains of the Corona virus, one of which is weak, and there is no health because of the presence of new strains of the virus that appeared inside Egypt.”

Stock and aviation

And on Saturday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the new strain was responsible for 60% of the recent infections of the epidemic in London. It indicated that its infection is 70% more transmissible than the current strains.

According to the World Health Organization, several infections with the new strain were also recorded in Denmark, and one in both the Netherlands and Australia, at a time when the British government’s scientific advisor, Patrick Vallance, said, “We think that it may be present in other countries as well. It may have started here. “.

Several countries announced the suspension of flights with Britain for fear of transmitting the new strain, but EgyptAir announced that movement is regular with this country and that it takes into account the precautionary measures, noting that the Egyptian authorities have not taken any direction to suspend flights with Britain so far.

On the travel ban to and from Britain, the head of the scientific committee said that Egypt is following the matter carefully and will take the appropriate decision when necessary.

Because of concerns about the new strain of Corona virus, the Egyptian Stock Exchange suspended trading for half an hour after the main index retreated 5%, with losses exceeding 11.7 billion pounds (the dollar is about 16 pounds).

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