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Corona … injuries exceed 40.5 million worldwide, and Ireland re-imposes a comprehensive lockdown

The number of new cases of the new Coronavirus “Covid-19” exceeded the barrier of 40 million infected globally, at a time when Ireland announced the re-imposition of a complete closure that does not include schools to contain the outbreak of the epidemic.

According to the “World Meter” website, which specializes in monitoring numbers and statistics related to the Coronavirus in the countries of the world, the number of infected people has reached 40 million and 657 thousand and 71 infected.

The figures indicate that the number of deaths reached 1 million 123 thousand and 112 cases, while the number of people recovering from the virus reached 30 million and 359 thousand and 845 cases.

The United States leads the number of injured with 8 million and 456 thousand and 653 injured, and the deaths reached 225 thousand and 222 deaths.

In India – the second country in terms of the number of injuries – the number of injuries reached 7 million and 597 thousand and 127 injured, while the number of deaths reached 115,236 deaths.

And in third place in the world, Brazil came with 5 million and 251 thousand and 127 injuries, and the death figures exceeded 154 thousand, to be ranked second in the world.

The number of injuries in Brazil exceeded the million mark (Reuters)

Acceleration of injuries

After Russia, which ranks fourth in terms of the number of injuries, with more than one million and 400 thousand injuries, Spain comes fourth, with the number of injuries reaching one million and 15 thousand injuries.

And in Argentina, the Ministry of Health said yesterday, Monday, that the country has become the fifth in the world in terms of cases of corona, which exceeds one million injuries, making it the smallest country so far to reach this level of infections after the acceleration of cases in recent weeks.

The ministry added, in a statement, that the total number of confirmed injuries reached one million and 2,662.

It also said that it had recorded 12,982 new infections and 451 deaths, during the past 24 hours.

This comes at a time when Corona injuries in Canada have exceeded 200,000 since the start of the pandemic last March, and the country expects the second wave of injuries to be more severe.

Government data showed that 3,289 new injuries were recorded, bringing the total to 201,437 injuries, while the number of deaths increased by 18 cases, bringing the total to 9,778.

Canada announced on Monday that its borders with the United States will remain closed until at least November 21, as cases in the United States remain high.

The number of injuries in Canada exceeded 200,000 (Reuters)

Procedures and restrictions

To combat the epidemic, Ireland became the first member state of the European Union to re-impose a total lockdown to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, according to what Prime Minister Michael Martin announced Monday, who issued a nationwide “stay-at-home” decision that does not include schools.

The measure, which will last for 6 weeks, will come into effect at midnight on Wednesday (23:00 GMT), according to which all non-essential retail companies will be closed, and the work of bars and restaurants will be restricted to providing pick-up and departure services.

“All residents are required to stay at home,” Martin said in a televised address to the nation.

In a statement, the government warned that violating the restrictions on movement imposed within a 5-km radius would expose the perpetrator to punishment.

The Prime Minister returned to say that schools and homes for children will remain open “because we will not allow the future of our children and youth to fall victim to this disease.”

Yesterday, this country did not record any new deaths, but like many countries, it is witnessing an acceleration in the number of cases of Covid-19, and on Monday, 1031 cases were recorded.

An increase in the number of people in intensive care units in France (Reuters)

Indicators and tally

In France, the number of Covid-19 patients – who are lying in intensive care departments in hospitals on Monday – exceeded the two thousand patients, at a threshold not recorded since May in this country, which also counted within 24 hours the death of 146 people from the epidemic, according to official figures.

Official data showed that during the past 24 hours, 269 infected with the new Corona virus were admitted to intensive care departments, compared to 147 infected people on Sunday.

This brings to 1441 patients the number of those admitted within a week to intensive care departments in this country.

The number of people infected with the virus – who suffer from the most severe symptoms of the disease and are currently in intensive care units – reached 2090 patients.

During the last 24 hours, France recorded 13,243 new cases of the pandemic.

In terms of deaths due to the epidemic, the country recorded 146 deaths within 24 hours yesterday, compared to 85 deaths Sunday, bringing the total death toll in France to 33,623 deaths.

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