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Corona .. Kuwait begins vaccination, and the Elysee reveals Macron’s health condition and infections with the new strain in Denmark and Israel

Global infections with the Coronavirus are approaching 79 million, while developments in new strains of the virus and vaccination campaigns are gaining the attention of many with the passage of a year since the start of the outbreak of the epidemic in the world.

And the authorities in Denmark said that they had detected 33 cases of the new strain of Corona virus, which is spreading rapidly in parts of Britain.

The Danish Serum Institute, which is responsible for controlling infectious diseases in the country, said in a report published yesterday, Wednesday, that cases were detected in the Corona virus tests that were conducted between November 14 and December 19.
Denmark, the world leader in genome sequencing, analyzed genetic material in 7805 positive samples during this period, which means that the new strain was found in 0.4% of cases.
The institute said that the percentage could change, as only 13.5% of the positive cases have been analyzed so far.

As for England, from which one of the new Corona strains originated; Today, Thursday, the Office for National Statistics said that the prevalence of “Covid-19” in England increased again in the week ending on December 18, as injuries reached about 645 thousand and 800 cases, which is an average of one in every 85 of the infected persons. Population.

The prevalence rate in the previous week was one in 95 of the population, according to the office’s estimates.

Macron’s health status

A statement by the Elysee Palace said that French President Emmanuel Macron no longer had any symptoms of Corona virus, and that accordingly he would end his isolation period with the expiration of 7 days in stone.

The statement indicated that the president spent the period of his illness working on the main files of the country, and held all scheduled meetings. Macron called on the French, through the statement, to adhere to the rules imposed to limit the spread of the virus.

Macron suffered from headaches, dry cough and fatigue for days, and then his condition improved on Wednesday.

On the other hand, the Supreme Health Authority in France authorized the use of the “Pfizer-Biontec” vaccine in adults over the age of 16 years.

The authority stated that the vaccine will be given to priority cases, such as the elderly and those with serious diseases. France is scheduled to start vaccination operations next Sunday.

A few days ago, the European Medicines Authority authorized the use of the “Pfizer-Biontech” vaccine in European countries, indicating that it is safe and effective against “Covid-19”.

The start of the vaccination campaign in Kuwait

Regarding the vaccination campaigns against Corona, vaccination operations against Corona virus were launched in Kuwait this morning, Thursday.

The official Kuwait News Agency quoted Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah as saying that the health authorities in Kuwait had approved the “Pfizer” vaccine, and provided doses for 2,200,000 people.

In Palestine, today, Thursday, the Ministry of Health said that it had recorded 17 deaths, 8 of them in the West Bank, 9 others in the Gaza Strip, and 1,704 new infections with the new Corona virus, during the past 24 hours, including 898 cases in the West Bank, and 806 in the Gaza Strip.

Thus, the total number of injuries since the beginning of the pandemic last March increased to 145,422 cases, and 119,938 cases of recovery.

Injuries of the new strain in Israel

Israel announced, on Thursday, that it will impose a comprehensive lockdown from next Sunday, which will be the third since the spread of the “Covid-19” epidemic, and comes only days after the start of vaccination against the emerging corona virus.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed 4 cases of the new strain of the virus that appeared in southern England and British health officials believe it is spreading faster.

It will be prohibited to move beyond a thousand meters from the place of residence, except in exceptional cases, as well as going to receive the vaccine. The restrictions also include “the prohibition of staying in the private home of a person other than a small family, and the closure of all commercial and entertainment venues, except for the missionary service.”

Record numbers in Russia

On Thursday, Russia set new records in the number of new infections and deaths from the new Corona virus, in the absence of extensive quarantine measures, despite the second wave that hit the country.

And the Russian authorities announced the death of 635 people and the injury of 29,935 others in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of injuries to more than 2 million 960 thousand and deaths to 53 thousand and 96.

The government has so far refused to impose any quarantine measures to protect the faltering economy, and relies on the comprehensive vaccination of the Russian population thanks to the “Sputnik V” vaccine developed by Moscow.

Total toll

The new Corona virus has caused the death of one million and 731 thousand and 936 people in the world since the WHO office in China reported the outbreak of the disease at the end of December 2019.

More than 78 million and 678 thousand and 240 people have been infected with the virus in the world, of whom 49 million and 787 thousand and 800 people have recovered, at least until today.

And the United States is the country most affected by the epidemic, as it recorded 326,232 deaths from 18 million 466 thousand and 227 injuries, according to the Johns Hopkins University census, and at least 6 million people and 298 thousand and 82 people were cured.

After the United States, the most affected countries are Brazil, where 189,220 deaths were recorded, out of 7 million 365 thousand and 517 injuries, India with 146,756 deaths (one million and 123 thousand and 778 injuries), and Mexico with 120,311 deaths (one million and 350 thousand and 79 injuries). ), And Italy with 70,395 deaths (one million and 991 thousand and 278 injuries).

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