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Corona … more than 42 million injured globally, and a record number of daily injuries in Europe

The number of people infected with the new Coronavirus “Covid-19” exceeded 42 million globally, and Europe recorded 200 thousand daily infections with the virus for the first time, while infections in India exceeded 7.8 million.

According to the “World Meter” website, which specializes in monitoring numbers and statistics related to the Corona virus in the countries of the world, the number of infected people reached 42 million and 28 thousand and 805 infected people at 11:30 Mecca time (08:30 GMT).

The number of people recovered reached 31 million 206 thousand and 954, while the number of dead reached 1 million 143 thousand and 357.

The United States tops the number of injured with 8 million and 661 thousand and 722 injured, while the mortality rate continued to escalate, with 228,381 deaths recorded.

Estate and license

To address the epidemic, the US Medicines Agency issued, yesterday, Thursday, a full license to use the drug “Remdesivir” to treat people with Covid-19 in hospitals, after it granted a conditional authorization for its use last May, according to what the company “Gilad” reported ( Gilead, which manufactures this drug.

Gilad announced that it had received a license to use the drug, which is sold under the name “Viclor”, explaining that remdesivir is the only special treatment for Covid-19, which has so far obtained a full license following a final and more stringent audit path.

It is noteworthy that the US President Donald Trump said on October 6, after arriving at the White House 4 days after his infection with Corona, that vaccines would be launched soon, calling on his citizens not to fear the virus.

Examinations in the city of Ahmedabad, India (Reuters)

Back off and warn

In India – the second country in terms of the number of injuries in the world – the number of injuries reached 7 million and 761 thousand and 312 injured, while the number of deaths reached 117 thousand and 336 deaths.

Injuries have fallen in India, the second most populous country, since its peak in September; But experts warn that the infection could rise as the festive season approaches.

In Brazil, the third country in terms of the number of injuries and the second in terms of the number of deaths, the number of injuries reached 5 million and 332 thousand and 634 injuries, while the number of deaths reached 155 thousand and 962 deaths.

Record increase

In Europe, a Reuters statistics showed that Coronavirus infections recorded in Europe more than doubled in 10 days, exceeding 200,000 infections per day for the first time, yesterday, Thursday, with a number of southern European countries monitoring the largest number of infections in one day this week.

Europe announced 100,000 infections in one day for the first time on 12 October, while statistics show that it has so far recorded about 7.8 million cases of Coronavirus and about 247,000 deaths, according to Reuters.

European governments warn of a “dangerous” situation in light of a second wave of new infections of the Coronavirus, making the continent the new focus of the Covid-19 epidemic, which prompted the adoption of measures such as a partial curfew in France, and a home quarantine in Wales and Ireland.

Germany (nearly 9,000 and 900 deaths), which was praised for its good management of the first wave in the spring, recorded nearly 11,300 new infections in 24 hours, in a record number since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic in the country.

The head of the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases announced Thursday that “the general situation has become very dangerous,” and among the injured is Health Minister Jens Young.

The authorities ordered a ban on gatherings and a partial isolation imposed on an area in the Alps, and the wearing of masks became mandatory in some Berlin streets.

Strict measures

In Ireland, the most stringent measures in Europe went into effect, at midnight on Wednesday, in the hope of “celebrating Christmas reasonably” in the words of Prime Minister Michael Martin, forcing all residents to stay in their homes for 6 weeks, with the closure of non-essential stores, provided that Schools remain open.

Quarantine will also be imposed, starting Friday, on the British province of Wales, while in the rest of the United Kingdom, the country most affected by the epidemic (44,158 deaths), measures of varying strictness have been imposed on 28 million Englishmen, including Londoners, and bars and restaurants will close their doors in Northern Ireland. .

On Thursday, the British government decided, for the first time in a month, to boost its aid to companies affected by the restrictions imposed.

In France, which recorded a daily record of 41,622 new infections in 24 hours, the government yesterday expanded the scope of the night curfew imposed between 21:00 and 06:00 local time, to include, as of tomorrow, Saturday, 46 million people in Paris and cities Major, two-thirds of the French, 6 weeks.

Prime Minister Jean Castex warned that “the coming weeks will be difficult and our hospital services will face a difficult ordeal,” expecting that November will be “exhausting” and that the number of deaths will “continue to rise”.

For his part, Health Minister Olivier Ferrand said, “The whole of Europe is on fire.”

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