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Corona … Paris is on high alert and more than half a million infections in Britain and New Zealand announce that they have overcome the virus

Paris has declared a state of high alert to confront the Corona virus, and the United Kingdom, the most affected by the pandemic, has crossed the half-million mark, while New Zealand announced that it has “overcome” it again.

According to the World Meter website, which specializes in monitoring virus victims around the world, the number of infected people has approached the 3.5 million mark, while the number of deaths exceeded one million.

In the latest development of the health of US President Donald Trump, who was announced Friday that he was infected with the virus, the President went out on a short tour of Walter Reed Military Hospital to salute his supporters.

After two nights in the hospital, the US president’s doctors said on Sunday that Trump might be able to return to the White House on Monday if his condition continues to improve, but his personal doctor left several questions unanswered, including possible complications.

Get ready in France

In France, the Prime Minister’s Office said that the authorities will put Paris and its region on high alert, starting on Tuesday, for a period of 15 days, after the increase in the number of cases of Coronavirus.

The Prime Minister’s Office said that a state of heightened alert means additional restrictive measures are taken in relation to public places and will be revealed in detail at a press conference held on Monday.

In the United Kingdom, on Sunday, the number of injuries exceeded the 500 thousand cases of Covid-19, after a review of the number of injuries due to a technical defect.

And in its latest report released on Sunday evening, the British health services counted 22,961 cases of the new Corona virus during the past 24 hours, with a difference of more than 10 thousand cases, compared to the number of daily infections recorded in the previous day, which reached 12 thousand and 872.

This large number – 22,961 injuries – also contrasts with the numbers of injuries recorded during the rest of the week, which ranged on average between 6 and 7 thousand new cases every day.

The authorities said Saturday that the unusually high numbers were the result of a now resolved technical problem that delayed the publication of a number of cases from September 24 to October 1.

The Israeli police arrests a young man who protested the decision to prevent the holding of demonstrations more than a kilometer from the house to limit Corona (Reuters)

New Zealand lifts restrictions

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Monday the lifting of restrictions that had been imposed in Auckland to face a second wave of the “Covid-19 ″ pandemic, saying that her country had now overcome the virus” again.

Ardern indicated that, as of Wednesday evening, the health alert level in Auckland will be reduced to the first level, which is in effect in the rest of the country. This means that from now on there are no longer any restrictions on public gatherings.

And following the imposition of a strict lockdown at the national level between late March and late May, it was believed that the country was about to eliminate the virus at some point after 102 days had passed without any infection being recorded.

However, a new epicenter of the epidemic appeared in Auckland in August, forcing the city of 1.5 million people to close for about 3 weeks until the beginning of last September.

13 Jews arrested

In Israel, the police arrested 13 religious Jews on Sunday, while dispersing hundreds of worshipers who gathered in a synagogue in the city near Tel Aviv.

A local newspaper stated that the police arrested these Jews because of their refusal to adhere to the comprehensive lockdown measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

The closure began nearly 10 days ago, and continues until October 14, as the Ministry of Health announced, on Sunday, that it had recorded 21 deaths, and 2576 cases of the virus, during the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths to 1707, while the number of injured reached 265 thousand and 932.

It reported 69,248 active infections, while 194,976 people have recovered since the start of the pandemic.


On Sunday, the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population announced the registration of 108 new infections with the Corona virus and 11 deaths, compared to 109 injuries and 14 deaths on Saturday.

“The total number that was registered in Egypt with the new Corona virus until today (yesterday, Sunday) is 103,683 cases, including 97,355 cases that have been cured and 5981 deaths,” said the Ministry of Health spokesman Khaled Mujahid in a statement.

In Algeria, the authorities set October 21 as a date for school entry for primary school students, while middle and high school students return to their classes on the fourth of next month, after 7 months of interruption due to the new Corona virus, the government announced Sunday.

The government statement stressed the “strict respect for hygiene conditions as required by the health protocol in anticipation of entering school,” and indicated the need to “cleanse educational institutions for a period of 72 hours before admission, with the necessity to wear masks” for high school students.

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