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Corona … the extension of the closure of Casablanca and the curfew in two states in Tunisia

Yesterday, Thursday, the Moroccan authorities extended the closure of the city of Casablanca, while Tunisia announced a curfew in two states, as part of precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

The Moroccan government said in a statement that it decided to extend the work for a second additional period of the closure measures, which were approved in Casablanca on September 7, for a period of 14 days, starting from October 5.

The statement excluded from the measures educational institutions and institutes, which will be open from October 5 for students to resume studies, while ensuring that all precautionary health measures are adhered to.

Yesterday, Thursday, Morocco announced the registration of 2,470 cases of corona, 42 deaths and 2,462 recoveries, bringing the total to 123,653 injuries, 2,194 deaths, and 102,715 cases of recovery, according to the Ministry of Health.

After Tunisia opened its borders at the end of last June, the Corona outbreak accelerated, causing thousands of injuries and dozens of deaths (Anatolia)

The situation in Tunisia

In Tunisia, the states of Sousse and Monastir (east) decided to impose a night-time curfew, starting today, to limit the spread of the Corona virus, with the threat of hospitals exceeding their capacity to absorb.

This decision came, according to officials in the two states, after the outbreak of the virus in them, prompting the Ministry of Health to classify them as endemic areas. Under this decision, roaming is prohibited in all of the two states, and anyone violating the law is subject to criminal penalties.

The governor of Sousse, Rajaa al-Trabelsi, said in a statement that it was decided, as of Thursday, to impose a curfew for 15 days in the state from 10 pm until 5 am local time. It also prohibited weddings and gatherings in public spaces, as well as smoking hookahs in cafes.

As for the neighboring state of Monastir, a curfew has been imposed between 10 at night and 6 in the morning for 15 days, while weekly markets are banned in the entire state, according to a statement by the region’s governor, Akram Al-Sabri.

Al-Sabri added that this decision will be evaluated and approved to extend or reduce it according to the development of the epidemiological situation in the state, pointing out that criminal measures will be taken against violators.

Tunisia is witnessing an increase in cases of Coronavirus, especially in some states, including the states of Sousse and Monastir.

Tunisia recently recorded about a thousand confirmed cases per day, compared to dozens of cases at the height of the first epidemic wave during the spring, and the total number of injuries so far has reached 18 thousand. The number of deaths reached 265, according to a toll published on Wednesday, and the number has more than 5 times since the restrictions were lifted and the borders were opened last June.

The decision to compulsory wear of the protective masks in crowded places has remained a dead letter in many cases since it was imposed in early August.

Last week, Tunisian Prime Minister Hicham El Mechichi, who assumed responsibility last September, ruled out re-imposing a general quarantine, and called for the respect of preventive measures.

The general lockdown, imposed for a period of 3 months in the spring, has hurt many workers in informal economic sectors and cast a shadow over Tunisia’s fragile economy.

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