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Corona … the injury of the US Vice President’s chief of staff and contradictory messages to Biden and Trump regarding the pandemic

The office of US Vice President Mike Pence announced that its chief of staff, Mark Short, had been infected with the emerging coronavirus, while the two presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, presented contradictory messages about the epidemic situation in the country, and former President Barack Obama said that the Trump administration had completely failed to address the virus.

The US Vice President’s office added in a statement that Short had begun the health isolation period, and the statement said that the vice president and his wife had undergone a corona examination and the results were negative, and that they are in good condition.

According to the statement, Pence was in close contact with his chief of staff, Short, but – in consultation with the White House medical unit – he will continue his election tour.

And the American agency Bloomberg reported that Marty Obst – who is one of the closest political advisers to the US Vice President – had contracted the Corona virus this week.

According to the American network “ABC”, a number of Mike Pence’s office employees are undergoing health isolation.

The New York Times reported that White House chief of staff Mark Meadows tried to conceal this information.

The US President himself was infected with the virus last month, and was hospitalized for 4 days to receive treatment, before leaving and resuming his election campaign.

Record increase

In the past few days, the United States recorded a record high in the number of cases of the pandemic, as the number of new infections reached 89,000 yesterday, and the United States ranks first among the countries in the world most affected by the epidemic, as more than 8.5 million have been infected with the emerging disease, and the virus has killed more than 224 alpha.

Due to the risks associated with the pandemic, many US states have extended the period of in-person voting in early elections, as well as voting by mail, less than 10 days before polling day.

According to a Reuters census, the record increase for Corona was concentrated on Friday in swing states such as Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, states in which it is not clear yet to whom the electoral tilt is tilted between Republican and Democratic candidates, and so far more than 65 million Americans have exercised their right to early voting. In the elections.

Contradictory messages

In a related context, Donald Trump and Joe Biden exchanged accusations about the epidemiological situation in the United States, and they presented contradictory messages about that, as President Trump called for the opening of schools, and said at an election rally in Wisconsin that deaths due to the Corona virus decreased by 85%.

Trump pledged at an election rally in North Carolina to achieve a rapid recovery from the economic damage caused by the general isolation measures taken to combat the virus, and said, “It (the election) is a choice between a major recovery that Trump achieves and a general isolation imposed by Biden,” adding, “We passed the difficult,” and Trump mocked The Biden campaign is taking too much care about the virus.

On the other hand, the Democratic candidate, Biden, criticized the Trump administration’s policies in the face of the Corona pandemic, and warned that more Americans would lose their lives due to the virus in the coming months if that administration did not make a greater effort to contain the disease.

Biden said at an election conference in Pennsylvania, “In the debate last Thursday night, Trump said and continues to say that this virus will disappear, and that we are learning to live with it, and I told him during the debate that we do not learn how to live with it, but rather you ask us how we die from this virus, and this is Error”.

The Democratic candidate added that experts say that 200,000 people may die in the United States from Corona in the coming months.

He also accused the former US President Barack Obama administration Trump declared “total failure” in its handling of the Corona pandemic and with victims of natural disasters.

Obama said at an election rally in Miami, Florida, in support of Biden, “Donald Trump will not suddenly protect us all, he cannot even take basic steps to protect himself,” referring to Trump’s hospitalization after being infected with the virus.

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