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Corona … the number of people recovering is close to 31 million globally, and a critical situation in Tunisia and a record number in Jordan

The number of people recovering from the emerging corona virus “Covid-19” is approaching 31 million people worldwide. Meanwhile, record numbers of injuries continue to be recorded in a number of countries, while the Minister of Health in Tunisia described the situation in his country as embarrassing.

According to the “World Meter” website, which specializes in monitoring numbers and statistics related to the Corona virus in the countries of the world, the number of people recovering reached 30 million, 913 and 521 recovered.

The number of injured reached 41 million and 486 thousand and 423 injured, while the number of deaths reached one million and 136 thousand and 335 deaths.

The United States leads the number of injured with 8 million 584 thousand and 819 injured, and the number of deaths reached 226 thousand and 149 deaths.

Injuries and figures

In India – the second country in terms of the number of injuries in the world – the number of injuries reached 7 million, 706 thousand and 946 injured, while the number of deaths reached 116,653 deaths.

And in third place in the world, Brazil came with 5 million and 300 thousand and 694 injuries, while the number of deaths reached 155 thousand and 459 deaths, thus placing it in second place in the world..

A Brazilian volunteer who had received a dose of an experimental vaccine against the Coronavirus has died.

The Brazilian health authorities said that the volunteer was among those who participated in the trials of the third phase of the vaccine produced by the University of Oxford, which announced that these experiments – which were being conducted in cooperation with the Brazilian Federal University in São Paulo – will continue despite the registration of that death.

Spain has crossed the million mark (Reuters)

Million hits

This comes as Spain – which is ranked fifth in the world – surpassed the one million injuries, despite the increasing measures to control the second wave.

The latest statistics indicate that Spain recorded one million 46,641 injuries, while the number of deaths reached 34,366 deaths.

The deaths resulting from the second epidemic wave in Spain are less than those recorded during the first wave in March and April last, when the number of daily deaths exceeded 800, but the average age of patients decreased.

The data of the Spanish Ministry of Health indicates that 17 thousand injuries and 156 deaths were recorded within 24 hours, and several provinces have, during the past weeks, reimposed strict precautionary measures to confront the virus. Taking new measures, including imposing curfews, on the lines of France, Belgium, Slovenia and two regions of Italy.

In Germany, data from the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases today, Thursday, showed that the number of new confirmed cases of the Coronavirus increased by more than 10 thousand cases in one day for the first time.

The institute recorded 11,287 new cases in its daily update, bringing the total number of cases to 392,49 cases, and it had recorded 7,830 new cases the previous day.

The data revealed 30 new deaths, which brings the total number to 9,905.

critical situation

In the Arab world, Tunisian Health Minister Faouzi Mahdi described the health situation in his country as embarrassing due to the rapid spread of the Corona virus.

For her part, Nassaf Ben Alia, spokeswoman for the Tunisian Ministry of Health and Director General of the National Observatory for New and Emerging Diseases, confirmed yesterday, Wednesday, that the epidemiological situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic is currently critical and still in the danger stage, and is translated by a number of indicative indicators, including the escalating pattern of deaths and injuries that have occurred. It is recorded daily at the national level and at the level of several agencies.

Record number

In Jordan, it was announced yesterday that 2,648 new cases of Coronavirus were recorded, which is the largest daily number monitored since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Kingdom is facing a large outbreak of the virus recently, during which infections have increased 3-fold in the past two weeks only.

The number of infections in Jordan increased last month than most countries in the Middle East, in a retreat from the Kingdom’s success for months in containing the outbreak of the virus, and there is also a worrying jump in daily deaths, which now average about 30 deaths.

Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh said that although the country has entered a “difficult stage” after the local transmission of infection on a large scale, it will not re-impose a nationwide lockdown.

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