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Corona today … 32 million infected people around the world

The number of people infected with the Corona epidemic around the world has exceeded 32 million, while the number of deaths is close to a million, and many countries are preparing to expand the second wave of this epidemic with the approach of autumn.

By the end of Thursday, more than 222 new cases were recorded around the world, bringing the total number of injuries recorded globally so far to about 32 million and 68 thousand.

The following are the most prominent developments and news of the virus outbreak around the world on Friday, September 25, 2020, according to the time of Makkah:

03:15 – a slight increase in China
China announced the registration of eight new infections in the country’s mainland, after seven cases were recorded the previous day, confirming that all new cases are of people coming from outside China.

02: 20- Brazil seeks vaccination
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced that he will issue decrees that lay the legal basis for Brazil’s joining a global vaccine partnership called Kovacs, with the aim of securing vaccines through this facility.

According to the president’s office, about $ 453 million will be allocated to this partnership.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health said that it had recorded 32,817 new infections, in addition to 831 deaths due to the disease.

2:00 – New injuries in Egypt
The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population announced the registration of 138 new cases of the emerging coronavirus, and 13 deaths.

The ministry added in its daily statement that the total number of injured rises to 102,513, and deaths to 5,835 cases.

01: 50- The disease has decreased in Australia
The state of Victoria, which is a hot spot for the Corona virus in Australia, has announced 8 deaths and 14 new infections, after recording two deaths and 12 new infections the previous day.

01:30 – In South Africa, injuries exceed 667,000
The South African authorities announced that, during the past 24 hours, they recorded 1861 new cases of Coronavirus, which brings the total to more than 667,000 cases.

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