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Corona today … 34 million infected people around the world, and the epidemic is spreading in Latin America

The number of people infected with the Coronavirus epidemic exceeded 34 million around the world, as more than 222,000 people became ill, and the number of deaths exceeded one million, while some countries are facing new waves, forcing some of them to tighten the ban measures.

The following are the most prominent developments and news of the spread of the virus around the world for the first Thursday of October 2020, according to the time of Makkah:

03:05 – Deaths increase in Mexico
The Mexican Ministry of Health announced that the confirmed deaths from the Corona virus have reached 77,646 cases.

03:00 – The travel warning is lifted in Germany
The German government raised a comprehensive travel warning, which had been activated due to the Corona pandemic, to 160 countries outside the European Union, so that every country in the world will now be assessed separately.

02:20 – American aid package
US Treasury Secretary Stephen Minuchon said in a television interview that the Donald Trump administration will not accept the Democrats ’proposal to provide a $ 2.2 trillion aid package to counter the repercussions of the health ban, and indicated that he intends to accept a package closer to only $ 1.5 trillion.

02:15 – Cases soar in South Africa
In 24 hours, the South African authorities recorded 1767 new infections and 67 deaths, which raised the total for more than 674 thousand injured and 16 thousand and 734 deaths.

01:00 – Epidemic spreads in Peru
In one day, the Peruvian authorities recorded more than 3 thousand injuries, and the total exceeded 811 thousand, making this country in South America ranked sixth on the list of the most affected countries in the world.

00:50 – Brazil figures rise
The Brazilian authorities announced that the total number of injured people has reached about 4 million and 811 thousand, and the total deaths increased to about 144 thousand, after recording more than 33 thousand injured and more than a thousand deaths within one day.

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